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Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough Interview

The Gaslamp Killer has been down with TTL since working at the LA store many moons ago. Since then he’s paved the way as a DJ with his own unique style and presence. We caught up with him on the eve of his latest release for Brainfeeder, Breakthrough.

Gaslamp Killer

it’s been a moment since we last caught up, what has changed in your life in the last 2 years?

Gigs getting more fun, new music getting better, new album finally done. Not to mention a new outlook on this crazy ass fucked up world we are living in!

DJing is blowing up on a level we’ve never seen before, what’s it like to be on the ride?

Its fun as fuck! People still make fun of me for many reasons just like when I was a kid, but now i don’t clear the dance floor & I’m rich bitch! (not really)

does your song selection change when you’re a big festival crowd or a small venue?

If I feel like a crowd is with me I will take them on a ride all the way into the depths of my soul. Doesn’t matter what size the audience as long as I feel they are with me. Generally smaller venues bring out the magic more than festivals tho. That goes for most of us deejays I think.

gaslamp killer

what makes a successful professional DJ? what are some of things aspring DJs should do or look out for?

hard work, discipline, respect for the craft & for your elders who started this shit! Oh & also, DO YOU! Be original, don’t BITE!

what kind of music are you feeling these days?

Flying Lotus, Dimlite, Hudmo, Lunice, Daedelus, Samiyam, Computer Jay, Connan Mockasin, Dungen, Tame Impala, Kareem Riggins, Madlib, Kutmah, Ras G, Budos Band, Thundercat, BBNG, Mophono, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, & tons more stuff man there is so much good music out there!

what was Burning Man 2012 like?

Fucking incredible. I have never been to an open source festival. It reminded me of raves in the 90’s but instead of a bunch of sniveling shitstains it was a bunch of million dollar philanthropists with the most insane art cars engineered by geniuses that are making some other world type shit! Huge buses retro fitted with LED walls & some of the craziest designs I have ever seen. Riding your bike thru the dessert for miles at a time somehow it seems like it never ends! Millions of lights & art installations all around you so much so that you can hardly tell where it starts & where it ends.

Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough brainfeeder BF033 ninja tune

I always loved the visual work that goes along with your music and djing, please tell us about that and how you come up with this stuff.

Brandy Flower of Hit+Run crew is my art director. He is an absolute G. Everything he does is fresh to me. He has a real understanding of my vibe & my work. He pretty much helped me with all of my art up until this point. Then I asked Killian Eng to license some of his images for my new album, but still – Brandy helped me add all the text & do the lay out of everything as usual he over see’s most of my stuff.

I am always checking out blogs, wasting time on the internet like most of us. but sometimes i find gems like Kilian Eng who initially I found on MySpace thru my friend Cherrystones. His art stood out so much to me I had to get him down with this project. I love his work.

what do you look for in a good woman?

A crazy hood rat – rachet ass hoe. (preferably a Jewish one)

gaslamp killer breakthrough brainfeeder ninja tune cd lp

The Gaslamp Killer’s Breakthrough is now available at Turntable Lab.

You can get a preview of “Impulse (feat. Daedelus)” over at

If you’re in LA be sure to catch the release party for The Gaslamp Killer’s Breakthrough at the Mayan Theater, next Tuesday, September 18th. Free with RSVP at:

Gaslamp Killer GLK Breakthrough record release party RSVP

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