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Turntable Lab Radio 033: Soul Clap


After debuting EFUNK: The Album in 2012, Soul Clap unveiled its sophomore full-length at the end of 2016. Eli & Charlie have been busy touring and dropping one-off singles/remixes during the 4 years in-between, but more importantly, they wanted to take their time to let the sound/vibe of the self-titled 12-tracker really “mature” (and trust, that is a good thing). To celebrate the release, the Boston duo stopped by our East Village storefront for an in-store set a few months back, and you can now listen to the dudes’ selections on the latest episode of Turntable Lab Radio. Also, s/o to Lab’s own Zephyr Ann for the fun interview in the beginning!

p.s. the £5 note thing really works, Charlie showed us.

Soul Clap – Soul Clap is available now here, and stay tuned for more from Turntable Lab Radio.

Turntable Lab Radio 033: Soul Clap

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Interview: Bosq (Whiskey Barons)

Turntable Lab Radio was heavily blessed a few weeks ago. Featuring our longtime homeboy Bosq, he came through and played a set entirely of exclusive material that has the internet going nuts. One half of Boston’s Whiskey Barons duo, Bosq has been crafting Afro Latin tunes for the last few years with major releases on Ubiquity Records and his most recent on Soul Clap Records. Recorded live from our East Village store, it was great to kick it and catch up. Listen to the latest episode of Turntable Lab Radio here and read our interview below.

Bosq Radio TTL

First off tell us a little about yourself, how you came up, DJ / Production background.

I was born and raised on Cape Cod, MA, known to most as sort of a summer destination but it’s a very different experience being an actual resident. It’s a really dope place though, extremely liberal, very big focus on arts and home to all kinds of lifelong hippies and weirdos. We also got all these amazing reggae acts to come through and play like 100 person little venues on the beach because of the big Jamaican population (Johnny Osbourne, Barrington, Buju, Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Yellowman, etc.) I was a fan of all that from maybe 9 or 10 years old, as well as all the hiphop tapes my older brother would bring home. I started messing with music on my own at maybe 14 or so I think, I got my first set of turntables around then and of course had no idea what to do with them, so I ended up doing really weird shit like plugging in my sega saturn to an auxiliary in to get noises while I layered records totally off beat and out of key of course, trying to make some magic happen hahaha. All the records I started out playing were Reggae & Hip Hop, a lot of Wu-Tang and Nas and Buju and all of that 90s goodness. I was lucky enough a few years later to get a summer job editing audio from my cousin and I got to take home this really early mac laptop and play with Pro Tools as much as I wanted which was huge for me. After years of messing around I got into a music technology program at Northeastern here in Boston and started putting it all together and getting more serious about it while at the same time pushing for dj gigs around the city, etc.

So glad we finally got you on the show. Can you give us a rundown of you set? I know you mentioned they all had not yet been released or were just about to come out.

Yeah man! Like I said, it felt pretty masturbatory once I actually wrote out the set list, but I’ve been frustrated sitting on so much material and it seemed like a good time to finally unleash some of it. There’s material from 3 separate unreleased projects on here, all totally original material no samples or reworks or anything. One is a full album coming out on Ubiquity Records in October, one is an EP dropping soon (8/17) on Soul Clap Records, and the third is an album I did in Puerto Rico with a bunch of amazing musicians down there that you could kind of group together as the Candela All-Stars. I think the only thing I played that was already out was Bad For Me which was the lead single off the Ubiquity Album, with the legendary Nicole Willis!

Download / Stream Bosq’s Episode of TTL Radio…

You were in town for your new residency at Soul Clap Eli’s new space, Black Flamingo. I know you both lived in Boston, how did you guys link up?

I’ve known Eli for a long time as just a fellow dj homie who I would bump into and always got along with, so I was really happy for them when they blew up like they did because they’ve been putting in work for a long time. After I hadn’t seen them for a while Eli told me he had been loving my first album (bosq y orquesta de madera) and playing the hell out of a bunch of the tracks. I was pretty shocked cause I never thought of my stuff going over with a house crowd but from then on we’ve been doing stuff together, a few track collaborations & some parties, sort of working towards me doing this EP on their label.

Bosq Flier Black Flamingo

Speaking of Boston, I am stoked to see so many of the homies getting much deserved attention. Soul Clap, Kon, Durkin, yourself, 7L & so many others. Do you feel there is a healthy community amongst you guys or is it still a free for all?

It’s a community in some ways, as in we are all cool with each other and respect each other, but we are all in such different lanes that there isn’t a lot of cross pollination. There are certainly crews of people all helping each other out though – I mean just this week I was at Caserta’s studio recording Serge Gamesbourg on bass for my song on Kons upcoming BBE compilation, so I guess that actually is a healthy community yeah? I guess the reason it doesn’t seem like that though is that we all get a huge majority of our notice from outside of this city since most of the nightlife here caters towards college students.

Turntable Lab

I love that you’ve progressed into creating completely original music that shows your influences. From Afro beat and Salsa to Hip Hop and House, those early Whiskey Barons edits showed what was to come. Can you tell us more about that progression and what draws you to that sound?

Yeah it definitely felt like the right progression, I think the sound I love definitely evolved from the sounds I was attracted to even as a 10 or 11 year old – the grittiness of RZA’s production, dancehall & reggae rhythms, etc. The Afro-Latin stuff just happened through that exploration that occurs when you are a dj or anybody with an obsession / insatiable appetite for music. I followed funk and soul to ray barretto and then BAM this whole world opened up and my question is how did everyone else who ever heard this music not become obsessed with it? With Fela in particular it just encompasses everything I love in music – it’s musically complex while being catchy with strong political messages and of course ass shaking rhythms, it’s just so fucking powerful! It’s the same with the Latin stuff it’s just so strong rhythmically and you have these horns punching you in the face – I don’t know man it all just instantly resonated with me and I feel it so strongly.

Moving from editing that music to writing it has been my favorite part, I just find it so much more fulfilling and with edits and reworks I still always feel like I’m getting too much credit for someone else work. I also just love being challenged and edits weren’t doing that for me, learning to create this stuff from scratch on the other hand, has most definitely been an incredible challenge, and I still have SO much to learn which is an exciting feeling for me. All that early work was definitely a great study in how to put together music though.

Some of the material you played in your episode of Lab Radio was recorded in Puerto Rico, how did that project come to? Who else helped in the recordings?

That was a really great project for me and something I’d like to replicate elsewhere as well. The first time I was down in Puerto Rico for a Whiskey Barons gig at this party Que Sabroso put on by my now friend Victor / Lucha Libre, I got introduced to Tempo Alomar (the legend! and of ‘mi swing es tropical’ iTunes commercial fame). That trip I happened to have the in progress instrumental of what would become Tumbalá with me and it dawned on me that oh shit he could sound really dope on this! and it could also be a really cool way to explore the afro / latin crossover and the roots they obviously share. Long story short is he heard it and loved it and wrote a song immediately in this hotel room, then we recorded it the next day (shout to Chaman for letting us use his studio last minute!) This track was for my soul clap EP but Pablo the owner of Candela Records who had done San Sebastian 152 with the truth & soul crew heard it and offered to bring me down there to do a follow up to that project. He’d handle all the business end and I just had to show up with skeletons of tracks written to flesh out and have fun and record with these amazing musicians (members of the original Apollo sound, local Plena legends, etc.) It was certainly stressful to try to write and map out all these songs in like the 2 weeks I had to prepare, and recording down there presented its own set of problems with space & time and such but in the end we got some really cool shit! Right now the final mix downs are happening and Im not sure when a release will happen but I’ll definitely be back to do more as well.

TTL Radio BosqTurntable Lab

What does your studio look like? And what would you say is the ratio of live instrumentation to digital?

My studio has moved back into my home since I moved and it’s pretty simple but very capable! I’ve got a rhodes mk1 from the production sweet spot where they still had wooden keys but had added the tremolo controls, bunch of midi controllers, an isolation booth, a moog slim phatty, bass, sax, trumpet, and loads of percussion. I’d say in general my stuff is pretty 50/50. The percussion is almost always live, any horns are always live, same with guitar. Drum kits tend to be a blend of samples, live recordings, and stuff programmed in maschine. I play a lot of baselines on the keyboard though. For me the key is layering and just being obsessive about making sure it all fits together right sonically. I need it to have punch and sound good in modern club systems but also have natural grit and soul and imperfection.

Bosq Turntable lab RadioBosq Turntable lab Radio
Turntable Lab

Any artists you really wish to work with in the future?

So many from so many different lanes man! Omar has been on my wish list forever, Randy Muller, Busy Signal, Toots, Barrington Levy, Seun Kuti, Maylee Todd, Sinkane (that one very nearly happened recently), Leroy Burgess, I could go on forever – but Im also really excited to be working with the people I already am!

We talked about expanding your DJ sets to be a little more involved allowing you to deconstruct your original material. Have you been considering an actual band for performances?

That’s an ultimate dream for me! I think it’s just a money issue at this point, but it’s something I might start to push for seriously after I get down another albums worth of original material.

Finally, aside from all your material, what are your top 5 go to records during a Dj set?

That depends on so much but I’ll try to go with a cross section…

Every Way but Loose (original version) – Plunky & the oneness of juju

Jingo – Candido

Mangous Ye – Black Soul

Born To Love You – Courtney Melody

La Plata – Quantic & Nidia Gongora

Thanks so much for doing the episode and the interview, anything else you wanna let people know about things coming up for you? Shout outs?

Thanks for having me! You are a scholar & a gentleman sir –

My new “Take Over” 12” ft. Kaleta & Evan Laflamme has dropped since the show (shout to Caserta for the mixdown on those!)
Tumbalá Ep on Soul Clap Records out 8/17
Celestial Strut (Album) out 10/23 on Ubiquity Records

Shout to my amazing girlfriend for keeping me sane and enjoying life. Shout to Bernie Sanders!
Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

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Top 2012 – Eli G (Soul Clap)

TTL Best of 2012
Soul Clap Track Suit

Top 3 Albums Or Tracks
1) NRP

2) Solange

3) Night Plane

Top 3 Food
1) Ceviche
2) Japanese Sweat Potato
3) Quiche Loraine

Top Thing That Happened In The World
It didn’t end!

Top YouTube

Top Instagram Lurk

Top Tang Of The Year
The Man With The Iron Fists

Knicks Or Nets?
Celtics brah! (but even us Boston boys fell for the Nets)

Top Life Advice
“Stretching is what you want it to be.”

Best Hangover Cure
Don’t drink ya dummy!

Peep the rest of The Best of 2012 lists from the Lab homies.

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