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Various Radiohead Titles Available Now At Turntable Lab

Radiohead Titles Available Now At Turntable Lab

radiohead-pablohoney (2)

HBO’s Silicon Valley is awesome, and Erlich Bachman in an episode says: “Everybody involved in the music industry is either stealing it or sharing it. They’re all a bunch of assholes, especially Radiohead.” Speaking of Thom Yorke and co., we’ve got a solid selection of albums and non albums available on the site now, from the polarizing debut, Pablo Honey (note: only Radiohead fans would hate on an album this solid), to the band’s most recent, A Moon Shaped Pool and various in-between releases. Not all but a lot of the albums—The Bends, Ok Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, and the 9th album—are 180g, audiophile repressings, which, we’re guessing, a typical Radiohead fan probably prefers over regular pressings. And now, the aforementioned Silicon Valley clip:

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Pre-Order New Radiohead, Flume, and Slum Village Boxset

Some exciting pre-orders happening right now at Turntable Lab!

Pre-Order Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool


The internets went bonkers speculating on when the new Radiohead album was dropping (after mysterious leaflets sent to fans, a few deleted Tweets, “erased” internet presence), then came “Burn the Witch” (clay animation!!!) on May 1st, followed by “Daydreaming” five days later. The official announcement was made on the same day, then Thom Yorke and gang released their 9th studio album, in all its alphabetized-song-titles glory, on May 8th.

And now the important question… When will the vinyl version come out? A Moon Shaped Pool will be available on colored vinyl 2LP sometime in mid-June, and you can now pre-order the record at Turntable Lab. Check here for more information, and here are videos that together have already amassed 15 million-plus views:

And yes, “True Love Awaits,” the song that the band has been popping up in Radiohead’s live shows for more than 20 years, is on the album. Here’s a clip of Thom Yorke playing it on his acoustic guitar in 1995:

Pre-Order Flume Skin 180g Colored Vinyl 2LP


Another anticipated album available for pre-order now at Turntable Lab is Australian producer Flume’s sophomore LP, Skin. Flume’s prolific catalog of beats and remixes that marry dreamy, futuristic pop with “clickity-clack” beats have won over many (just peep his tour schedule), and his second full-length, which will feature Beck, Raekwon, Little Dragon, and other guests, will be available on purple & white swirl colored vinyl (180g pressing) with full-color printed inserts. More information available here.

Pre-order Slum Village The-Fan-Tas-Tic 4CD / 5×7″ Boxset


And lastly, you can now pre-order the comprehensive Fan-Tas-Tic 4CD / 5×7″ Boxset from Slum Village! The collection contains J Dilla-produced classics, rarities, and instrumentals spread over 4 CDs AND 5 colored, premium 7″ vinyl, and for fans of or newcomers to the legendary underground producer and group, there is no better way to show love. For more information, please check here.

Please check back and/or follow us on Twitter for more pre-orders in the future.

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Radiohead Vinyl LP Reissues at Turntable Lab

One of the greatest bands alive? Definitely one of the greatest bands ever…. Pick up these reissues of Radiohead’s quintessential releases all available on 180g vinyl.

Radiohead TTL

Radiohead The Bends (Limited Edition, 180g) Vinyl LP
Radiohead The Bends (Limited Edition, 180g) Vinyl LP

Fake Plastic Trees taken from The Bends

Radiohead OK Computer (180g) Vinyl 2LP
Radiohead OK Computer (180g) Vinyl 2LP

Paranoid Android taken from Ok Computer

Radiohead Kid A (Limited Edition, 180g) 2×10″ Vinyl 2LP
Radiohead Kid A (Limited Edition, 180g) 2x10" Vinyl 2LP

Idioteque taken from Kid A

Radiohead Amnesiac (Limited Edition, 180g) 10″ Vinyl 2LP
Radiohead Amnesiac (Limited Edition, 180g) 10" Vinyl 2LP

Pyramid Song taken from Amnesiac

All Radiohead titles now available at Turntable Lab.

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