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Classic Battle / Scratch Records Reissued on Colored Vinyl

QBERT Cop Porn Creaxxx Yellow / White Colored Vinyl LP


Holy cow! Classic battle/scratch records from Dirtstyle are back colored vinyl! Battle Breaks, the first DS record, is now on red swirled vinyl with the same ahhhhhs and other samples you love to cut with. Super Seal II in all its skipless samples + practice beats glory is also reissued on orange vinyl, and the Bionic Booger Breaks is pressed on glow-in-the-dark colored vinyl. Best of Skratchy Seal, which compiles the best of the samples, is now available on coke bottle clear colored vinyl, and Cop Porn Breaxxx is now on a limited-run yellow/white colored vinyl. Last but not least, Super Seal Giant Robo V.1 is back in stock, and this 7″ white vinyl for the portablists the head of a seven-record series that come together to form a robot.



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Dirtstyle Goodies!

QBERT Super Seal Giant Robo Series


Super Seal! Robot! Dirtstyle Records on it once again, and there are a total of 7 brand new Super Seal 7″ in the pipeline. Here are three (V.1, V.4, V.5), and as you might have guessed, once you collect every piece in the series, the covers form a Giant Robot! Each record features plenty of scratch samples and beats to practice your cuts on, and the 45 size means these will work with your portable setup.

QBERT Toasted Marshmallow Feet Breaks (White Vinyl) Vinyl


In addition to the new Super Seal series, here’s a white vinyl pressing of the CLASSIC 100MPH Backsliding Turkey Kuts, originally released in 1998. This is obviously a must have, and if you’re in to video game noises and computer-generated dictation of the alphabet, definitely pick this limited-edition joint up.

QBERT Toasted Marshmallow Feet Breaks White Vinyl LP


Another CLASSIC! Arguably the most iconic battle record from the Dirtstyle squad, here is 1995’s Toasted Marshmallow Feet Breaks on white vinyl. Spie One for the cover design, and this version is limited, so don’t sleep!

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Warflex by D-Styles Now In The App Store!

Introducing Warflex, a fully functional looper for your iOS device, the new app from the Wax Fondler himself, D-Styles! The app is similar to Qbert’s Warflex Gold released late last year and features crucial tools to better your scratching, timing, and overall skills on the decks.

Featuring 14 exclusive beats by D-styles that constantly loop for endless scratch practice, the app also includes a variable pitch range going from -50 to +50 %. For those that want to test their skills even further, SPEED BOOSTER technology is also included that automatically increases the speed 1% every 20 seconds to help hone in those much needed timing skills. All you need is the app and to run the headphone output into your mixer and you will be ready to cut in no time.

Warflex: D-Styles By Thud Rumble Ltd

Warflex: D-Styles By Thud Rumble Ltd

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