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Black Sabbath 180g Colored Vinyl Reissues Available Now

Black Sabbath Albums on Vinyl LP Available Now


Black Sabbath was formed in 1968. After 40-plus years of raising hell, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler are currently on their farewell tour (drummer Bill Ward reunited with the band briefly in 2015 to receive an award, but no signs of him taking part in the tour), The End Tour, which is being billed as “the beginning of the end.” The Birmingham band, starting with its 1970 self-titled debut, birthed heavy metal and went on to release influential albums for the next 4 decades, and the 180g, colored vinyl reissues of the first 6 albums are available now at Turntable Lab. The aforementioned first album would prove to be the demarcation between rock and roll and heavy metal, and the second album, Paranoid, followed soon after to shake up the world with absolute classics like “Iron Man” and “War Pigs.”

The third album, Master of Reality, was released in 1971, and the heftier sound it showcases (Iommi and Butler downtuned their guiatar/bass) helped define doom/stoner/sludge metal. Black Sabbath released its 4th album in 1972, and Vol.4 is notorious for the amount of cocaine and alcohol that Ozzy and gang consumed while recording it. Consequently, the band took more ambitious approaches on some of the songs, and that’s good because “Changes,” a piano ballad and now one of the biggest songs from BS’s catalog, came to be as a result.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, the heavy metal gods’ 5th studio album, came out in 1973. Due to tour fatigue and writer’s block induced by said fatigue and substance abuse, the band struggled to come up with material, but a castle in The forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England (Led Zeppelin had wrote/recorded here) would provide inspiration for one of the strongest albums in Black Sabbath’s catalog. About two years later, in 1975, Sabotage, the doom metal originators’ 6th album, dropped, and as the group was in the midst of an arduous legal battle (involving their former manager), there is even more anger and frustration in songs like “Hole In The Sky” and “Symptom of the Universe.”

Needless to say, the reissues should be welcome news for Black Sabbath/metal fans, and the fact that Warner Bros. chose to do a proper, audiophile-quality pressing for the 6 albums, which come housed in gatefold sleeves, definitely helps.

Check out Black Sabbath Vinyl LPs available at Turntable Lab.

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The Box Score Breakdown

the voice box score breakdown turntable lab

Every Tuesday we update our bestseller charts (“Lab Box Scores”) to keep you in the loop of what Labheads are buying. There’s two charts (music, non-music), and I’ll be analyzing each chart every week on the blog.

Soundtracks seem to always make heavy moves when we get them in stock. This week we’ve got two occupying spots one and two on the music chart. The clear vinyl pressing of the Office Space soundtrack kind of popped out of nowhere to take the top while Mondo’s limited edition colored vinyl collection of classic scores from Studio Ghibli’s accalaimed animated films came in a close second. Here are some other notables:

#4 Music Chart
Sign Of The Times:
Bob James: Rhodes Scholar – Jazz-Funk Classics 1974-1982 3LP

Bob James Rhodes Scholar - Jazz-Funk Classics 1974-1982 3LP

#8 Music Chart
Essential Boogie Comp, Just A Few Copies Left:
Joey Negro & Sean P: Destination Boogie (80’s Boogie, Soul, & Electro Funk) 2LP

Joey Negro & Sean P Destination Boogie (80's Boogie, Soul, & Electro Funk) 2LP

#10 Music Chart
Key Aphex Twin Repress, Get It Before It’s Gone:
Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Vinyl 2LP

Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Vinyl 2LP

#19 Music Chart
Everyone Needs A Little Higher Education:
College: Heritage (Colored Vinyl) LP

College Heritage (Colored Vinyl) LP Invada

#1 Other Chart
I’m Losing My Marbles, They’re Almost Gone:
Serato: Lost Your Marbles Serato Performance Control Vinyl (Clear) 2 x 12″

Serato Lost Your Marbles Serato Performance Control Vinyl (Clear) 2 x 12"

#4 Other Chart
Legendary Knicks FOr Your Kicks:
Stance: Patrick Ewing NBA Legend Socks

Stance Patrick Ewing NBA Legend Socks

#9 Other Chart
Never Seen Tyvek Like This:
Major Lazer: Free The Universe Tyvek Jacket

Major Lazer Free The Universe Tyvek Jacket $69.00

#14 Other Chart
Boldly Going Where No Bag Has Gone Before:
Turntable Lab: Roll-Top Backpack – Bold Condensed

Turntable Lab Roll-Top Backpack - Bold Condensed

Check out the full charts here:
Lab Box Score: Music Chart
Lab Box Score: Other Chart

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Vangelis – Blade Runner OST (Colored Vinyl. 180g) LP

We’ve been waiting for this reissue for a minute here! Armed with the mighty Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer, Vangelis conjured up the epic soundscape to Ridley Scott’s quintessential cyberpunk film, Blade Runner. The haunting melodies contained within are at the same time nostalgic and futuristic, creating a neo-noir vibe that is the perfect backdrop to Deckard’s hunt for the Replicants. I’ve seen the film many times and “Blade Runner Blues” STILL sends chills up my spine every time I hear it. Timeless. Limited edition Audio Fidelity pressing on virgin red vinyl housed in a glossy gatefold sleeve with numerous stills from the movie.

Vangelis Blade Runner OST (Colored Vinyl. 180g) LP
vangelis: blade runner ost colored vinyl 180g lp

Vangelis breaks down the Yamaha CS-80 in the below video.

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Serato – Lost Your Marbles Control Vinyl

Serato Lost Your Marbles Control Vinyl
Serato drops some of the freshest control vinyl colors to date with their limited edition Lost Your Marbles series! These joints are pressed up with the latest control tone (CV02.5 Performance Series Control Tone) for better wear characteristics, better tracking & more precise control and come in hazy marbled orange, teal, or purple. This is a special one-time only batch, never to be repressed so act fast! Comes in custom pic sleeve, 2x control vinyl per pack.

serato Lost Your Marbles Control Vinyl

serato Lost Your Marbles Control Vinyl

serato Lost Your Marbles Control Vinyl

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Major Lazer – Free The Universe

Major Lazer Free The Universe (Colored Vinyl, Free MP3) 2LP

Watch out fi dis! Major Lazer is back to free the universe! For their sophomore full length, Diplo comes through as solo executive producer to drop heaters all over the place to shake up the sound system. The Major Lazer sound is constantly evolving, but here it’s still rooted in heavy dancehall, fused with electro, trap, bounce, and all manner of EDM to mash up the place something proper. They went all out for the limited edition vinyl release of Free The Universe and pressed it on red and yellow vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with fold out mini poster and download card! Be sure to sign up for a restock email notification on the right hand side of the Free The Universe page to be the first to know when it comes in.

Major Lazer Free The Universe (Colored Vinyl, Free MP3) 2LP

In addition to the vinyl release of Free The Universe, Major Lazer has teamed up with Kid Robot for an official vinyl figure! All the awesomeness of the lazer-totin’, universe-saving soldier known as Major Lazer is captured in this badass vinyl toy that sports his signature prosthetic lazer arm, commando beret, bandolier (filled with mics), and extra shiny shades. Kid Robot definitely got his renegade eighties commando style down! Sign up for that restock notification email so you can get yours.

Kid Robot Major Lazer 8 Inch Vinyl Mini-Figure

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Scientist – Scientific Dub (Colored Vinyl) 3×10″ Boxset

Scientist Scientific Dub (Colored Vinyl) 3x10" Boxset

Scientific Dub is a Clocktower classic! The Scientist at his best, dubbing out roots tracks with precision and skill. One of the standouts is the Dub Chemist’s run through of The Tamlins’ “Baltimore.” Check out the OG and the Scientists version below. Then head over to Turntable Lab to cop the triple colored (red, green and gold, no less) 10″ vinyl boxset of Scientific Dub.

Scientist Scientific Dub (Colored Vinyl) 3x10" Boxset

Scientist Scientific Dub (Colored Vinyl) 3x10" Boxset

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The Beat Junkies 45 Series

Babu & Shortkut The Beat Junkies 45 Series Vol. 2 (Colored Vinyl) 7" Sound Junkies

2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the Beat Junkies and to celebrate they started releasing a series of 7″ singles from the crew! First up was a split from Rhettmatic and J-Rocc that found the former laying down some hard beats for Detroit’s Frank Nitt to spit over. On the flip the Funky President went the esoteric Brazilian beats route. That initial release sold out in less than a week, but thankfully we were able to get our hands on some more. The second installment in the series pairs up Babu and Shortkut who turn out another banging 7″. Babu goes classic hip hop and finds the perfect MC for the cut in Torae, but the real heat comes from Shortkut. He absolutely kills it on the flip with an awesome beats re-work of the infamous Sesame Street counting song (you know the one with the pinball cartoon, sung by the Pointer Sisters). Both of these joints come on limited edition colored vinyl so get ’em while you can!

J-Rocc & Rhettmatic The Beat Junkies 45 Series Vol. 1 (White Vinyl) 7" Sound Junkies

shop all Sound Junkies items at now!

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Italians Do It Better

Symmetry Themes For An Imaginary Film (Chromatics) 3LP Italians Do It Better

With all the rumors going around that Johnny Jewel’s Symmetry project was supposed to be the soundtrack for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive we were stoked when we finally got the vinyl for Themes For An Imaginary Film in. The producer has out done himself with this latest effort. It might challenge your expectations, but it’s definitely worth picking up. Italians Do It Better has also reissued Chromatics’ Night Drive and Kill For Love. The latter of which was supposed to have been repressed on ice blue vinyl, but from what we have seen so far we got part of the small batch was repressed on the original magenta color. All these titles are great additions to your collection.

Chromatics Kill For Love (Colored Vinyl) 2LP Italians Do It Better

Chromatics Night Drive (Deluxe Edition) 2LP Italians Do It Better

shop all Italians Do It Better releases on now

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