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Ableton Sale!

Holiday Sale for Ableton + Related Gear


Whether you’re new to music production/DJing or a seasoned veteran, now is the time to splurge on Ableton and related gear. The powerful production software (Suite and Live versions are on sale) with infinite live application options has been a main player in personal and professional studio set-ups for a minute, and the Berlin company has also released trusty hardware, the Push 2 Controller, for unprecedented, seamless, and native integration. We at the Lab are fans of the software/hardware bundle, and we just dropped the TTL Custom Fit Ableton Push 2 Cover, which is also included in the sale. Last but certainly not least, protective covers from Decksaver and additional controllers from AKAI are also included in the Ableton discount: just used checkout code “ABLETON20”!

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Ableton Push 2 + Live 9 Suite Bundle

Ableton Push 2 + Live 9 Suite Bundle

ableton-push2suite-bundle-399 (1)

This is a flash sale that’s happening until Monday, July 25th! Ableton is knocking off $399 if you purchase the Live 9 Suite with the Push 2, which means you can own an all-in-one production / live performance / DJ solution for $999. Also, Ableton just announced Live 9.7! It will be a free upgrade for existing users, and we’re being told that new version includes many new features for Push:

– New Push slicing options – chop samples by beat divisions or regions, as well as manually or by transients.
– New Push drum layout – with 16 set velocity levels for playing and programming more dynamic beats.
– Hands-on audio routing – select and record ins and outs directly from Push for sampling internal or external audio without disrupting your flow.
– Visual feedback for tighter recordings – new display info shows clip phase and count-in so you can start and finish clip recordings more accurately.
– Hands-on color customization – color pads, tracks and clips using Push to make your live performance easier
– Better playability – pad sensitivity adapts to what you play, whether it’s drums or sustained chords.

Here’s a video that goes over the updates in detail:

Ableton Push 2 + Live 9 suite Bundle

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Novation Launchpad S Live Controller

Novation’s LaunchPad S improves upon the popular Launchpad control surface by adding brighter, faster LEDs, quicker response time, and expanded app support. Aside from Ableton Live, the new Launchpad S now also supports FL Studio and iPad with no additional drivers needed. In addition, the unit is now fully MIDI compatible, and comes in a sleek metallic grey finish.

Inside the box you get. Ableton Live LaunchPad edition, 1GB Loopmasters sample pack, Novation Bass Station plug-in, USB cord.

Novation Launchpad S Live Controller
Novation Launchpad S Live Controller

Novation Launchpad S Live Controller is now available at Turntable Lab. Wanna take it a step further? Try Ableton’s Push Controller, the next generation of controller with step sequencing and so much more.

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Novation – Launchkey

novation launchkey

Launchkey, Novation‘s latest foray into the world of controllers, will be dropping soon. It comes in a range of 25, 49 and 61 note keyboard controllers with up to 50 physical controls including 16 velocity-sensitive multicolored launch pads that trigger and stop clips – and launch scenes – in Ableton Live. It has been designed to work with two proprietary iPad apps, Launchkey and Launchpad, along with Novation’s powerful V-Station & Bass Station synth plug-ins. Launchkey is a synth, which pairs Novation’s synth engine with a touchscreen interface, while  Launchpad triggers loops and effects similar to Novation’s popular pad controller. The controller will be instantly mapped to popular DAWs like Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools.

novation launchkey app

novation launchkey

novation launchkey

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Ableton Push

ableton live 9 push

Along with Live 9, Ableton has announced a dedicated controller called Push. After designing some of the most widely used music production software they have jumped into the dedicated controller market. Having teamed up with Akai, it looks like Push is going to be a great addition to Ableton’s arsenal.

ableton live 9 push

Ableton seems to be picking up where Novation’s Launchpad left off. But there is more underneath the hood than meets the eye. First off Push’s LEDs are full on RGB while the Launchpad just gave you 3 colors. The pads are much more responsive and have a genuine MPC feel. They also feature aftertouch which allows you to modify parameters without knobs or sliders. Seeing that Push was designed in house there’s much better integration with Live than the Launchpad could ever offer. The USB bus powered controller will retail for $599.

Its 64 pads give you multiple ways to make beats. You can play, step sequence, and navigate your loop, all at the same time. The velocity-sensitive pads are made by Akai Professional, while the eight touch-sensitive endless encoders allow you to adjust sounds and kits while you play.  Of course they had to include some variation of Akai’s legendary note repeat as well. Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with your track while adjusting swing or the repeat divisions in real time. You can use the pads for step sequencing as well. Select any step and tweak timing and velocity individually for each cell.

They’ve also taken a new approach to playing notes and chords with the controller. The multicolored LEDs show you what notes are in the same key as well as what you have already recorded. The arrangement of the pads makes it easy to move between large intervals. It also makes it so your melody and chord patterns can be played with the same fingerings in every key. The velocity and pressure sensitive pads let you play with expression and dynamics.

Push has its own unique workflow that gives you the ability to move quickly between your song materials with just a few buttons. It all gets recorded in Ableton Live to make arranging and editing easy. Push combines Ableton’s vision for music making with Akai Professional’s years of experience making instruments.

ableton live 9 push

Stay tuned for more information regarding Ableton Live 9 and  Push. In the meantime pick up your copy of Live for 25% off and get a free upgrade to Live 9!

Labhead tip: If an item appears on the site but without stock, sign up for a Email Notification on the right hand side of the product detail page, and you’ll be emailed once when the item becomes available (really 1 email, no list sign-up, etc.)

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Ableton Live 9

Ableton Ableton Suite 8 Production Software + FREE Upgrade to Live 9 Suite + Oyaide USB Cable

Yesterday Ableton announced their latest version of Live, Live 9. It’s packed with a bunch of new features that improve Live’s already impressive user experience. Check them out below:

  • Record automation into clips.
  • Edit automation with curves.
  • New browser that lets you browse by file type, location, and frequency of use.
  • Thousands of new sounds and instrument racks.
  • New effects, including the Glue Compressor which is modeled off of a classic 1980s console bus compressor.
  • New tools to convert audio to MIDI.
  • Improved MIDI editing tools.
  • And plenty of new Max for Live devices.

Along with the announcement they have also be generous enough to give 25% off of all versions of Live 8 and include a free upgrade to the respective version of Live 9 with your purchase!

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