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Stance A Tribe Called Quest Socks

Stance Socks Available at Turntable Lab Now

The latest arrivals from Stance! A Tribe Called Quest tribute from everyone’s favorite sock company features the legends on the leg portion, and a gradient graphic hit, inspired by the group’s debut People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, covers the toes.


The second Tribe feet covers feature one of hip-hop’s most iconic artworks. Can you name all the faces that appear on the cover of Midnight Marauders?

The above socks are available individually or as a pack.

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A Tribe Called Quest People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm Vinyl 8×7″ Boxset

A Tribe Called Quest People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm Vinyl 8×7″ Boxset

atcq-boxset (1)

CLASSIC MATERIAL, now available as a 8 x 45 set thanks to Get On Down. A Tribe Called Quest‘s 1990 debut is a jazz thing, and this special edition, complete with deluxe, fabric-wrapped carrying case, is the perfect way to celebrate the classic golden era album, especially in the light of Phife Dawg’s recent passing (RIP). Also, there’s been a rise in number of DJs that prefer to play only 45s for sets, and if you’re one of those, make sure to cop doubles. All tracks have been remastered by the original mixer/engineer Bob Power, and a bonus track, “If The Papes Come,” plus three numbers that were previously available on CD or cassette only, are included in the boxset.


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ATCQ vs Pharcyde Bizarre Tribe 3LP Boxset + Shirt

ATCQ vs Pharcyde Bizarre Tribe 3LP Boxset + Shirt

Deluxe triple vinyl boxset version! Not only do you get hooked up with both the the vocal versions and instrumentals for A Quest To The Pharcyde, but you also get a special slipmat featuring the Bizarre Tribe logo and an exclusive t-shirt! To top it off, each set is individually numbered with only 50 in existence so act fast! Our original review: A full album of Tribe x Pharcyde mash-ups from Amerigo Gazaway. Ya’ll should remember Amerigo from his last mash-up effort Fela Soul, and here on Bizarre Tribe he puts those blending skills to work on classics from two legendary rap groups.

ATCQ vs Pharcyde Bizarre Tribe 3LP Boxset + Shirt is now available at Turntable Lab. Check out Amerigo’s other titles available as well, just as banging!

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The Box Score Breakdown

turntable lab box score breakdown the voice

Every Tuesday we update our bestseller charts (“Lab Box Scores”) to keep you in the loop of what Labheads are buying. There’s two charts (music, non-music), and I’ll be analyzing each chart every week on the blog.

Dilla always seems to find his way into the charts. His Lost Tapes, Reels, and More LP on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music is definitely worthy of the #2 spot, while the Rebirth Of Detroit instrumentals LP has been holding its own for some time. With the variety of music we carry it’s interesting to see all of the hip hop titles holding it down this week. Here are some other notables:

#4 Music Chart
On The Rise:
ATCQ vs Pharcyde: Bizarre Tribe Instrumentals LP

ATCQ vs Pharcyde Bizarre Tribe Instrumentals LP

#7 Music Chart
Classic Jazz, High Quality Repress:
Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (180g) LP

Miles Davis Kind Of Blue (180g) LP

#11 Music Chart
Popular Record Store Day Title, Get It While You Can:
Dazed And Confused
Soundtrack (Record Store Day, Colored Vinyl) 2LP

Dazed And Confused Soundtrack (Record Store Day, Colored Vinyl) 2LP

#16 Music Chart
Essential Punk Album, Double LP Pressing:
The Clash: London Calling 2LP

The Clash London Calling 2LP

#1 Other Chart
Turntable Lab On The Top Of The Charts:
Turntable Lab: Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Vinyl Brush

Turntable Lab Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Vinyl Brush

#9 Other Chart
Perennial Favorite For Dome Piece Protection:
Quiet Life: Cosmos Five Panel – Black

Quiet Life Cosmos Five Panel - Black

#13 Other Chart
Object Of Desire, Timeless Timepiece Back In Stock Soon:
G-Shock: Medicom Watch (DW-6900MT-7)

G-Shock Medicom Watch (DW-6900MT-7)

#37 Other Chart
Equipment Staple, Moving Up The Chart:
Rega: RP1 Turntable – Grey + Free Lab Pack

Rega RP1 Turntable - Grey + Free Lab Pack

Check out the full charts here:
Lab Box Score: Music Chart
Lab Box Score: Other Chart

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Labstagram: 12.20.12

New Yorkers (and near-future visitors), if you were thinking about depositing that holiday bonus for a rainy day, that rainy day might just be in the form of TTLNYC stocking up on some music and gear essentials. We don’t just post these on our Instagram, and subsequently curate them down for our weekly Labstagrams, because we like taking pretty pictures. These are TTLNYC approved goodies that we want you to be aware of.

A healthy dose of Native Instruments. All the necessary items to recreate TTLNYC homie DJ Shiftee’s latest mind-boggling routine (you need to provide your own skills though). NI’s response to Rane’s Sixty One/Two mixers, the Z2, the MK2 Maschine equipped with organization aiding Lite Brite pads, the mobile DJ’s champ S4 all-in-one DJ controller, live remix companion F1, and, in my opinion, the must have for DVS DJs (stop fussing with your keyboard and trackpad!) X1.

Classics upon classics. While there are weekly new dance 12″s coming in, we cannot escape our roots. Quality hip-hop LPs can be rediscovered at any given moment in our hip-hop stacks. It’s amazing to see that after 15-20 years that these are some of our best sellers.

Yet another solid portable turntable from Vestax, and in some diggers’ opinions more than worth the price compared to the PT-01… But speaking of turntables…

The return of the king… Yours eyes do not deceive you, these are some deadstock 1200’s IN STOCK at TTLNYC. Brand new (not refurbished), so you know that they will last roughly 754 years after you open the box.


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Le Chef Tournel – Legitmix Winner Interview

Le Chef Tournel

Labheads should remember our collaborative remix contest we held last month with Legitmix. The competition was high and the submissions were all great in their own right, but as in any contest there is only one winner… with a few runners up of course. After going back and forth via email, we got a great conversation going with Le Chef Tournel, the official Legitmix winner. Congrats to Le Chef and thank you for the great interview as well as for the dope remix.

How long have you been DJing/Producing?

I was always knee-deep in music… my father is a musician & we had loads of instruments at home for me to play with. I started deejaying in the mid-nineties. First hiphop and funk but then the French scene (Motorbass!) and British labels like Nuphonic and Paper pulled me into house music. For quite a while I was part of a notorious dj collective called Oase De Pleasure. Our parties were a cross between an illegal warehouse rave and Mancuso’s Loft – just really wild and crazy nights with an eclectic mix of styles. Around that time I started fiddling with Fruity Loops, just experimenting with beats and loops. I even had a couple of EP’s released under the monikers Sunny Meadows and Blasta LaVista (find ’em on discogs!).

When the local party scene changed (in vibe and in music) I turned away from deejaying. I’m a musician at heart, and after a while I wanted to branch out… I didn’t want to limit myself to one style, so I started playing bass & singing in different bands. Over the years I must’ve played every style imaginable: rock, funk, I even was in a country band at one moment!

I kept on doing music production on the side though, and over the last years I’ve come to focus on that. At the moment I’m working on two distinct projects: Sunny LaVista for all things with a four/four groove to it, and Dharma Bum being the more crazy experimental tunes. There’s free ep’s by both of them on Bandcamp, but lately I’ve been working towards some “proper” releases. For Sunny LaVista I work together with my cousin Steebz Khuan who is an insanely talented designer (, and hopefully we can do a nice vinyl next year with his artwork – I think it’s important that stuff looks as good as it sounds! Dharma Bum will have the second EP coming on a limited edition tape.

What are your methods while working on a remix?

I consider myself a samplist first and foremost – I listen to music constantly and anytime something catches my ear – a break or a particular sound – I load it into Ableton and start working. A remix for me is always a “blow-up” of a musical element that was in the original track, that gets transformed or expanded on. I like to imagine an “alternate reality” where a different version of that piece of music exists, and then I try to recreate that version. I call it the “Doc Brown method”.

Take the Culture Club remix that is on my Soundcloud for example. One day I walked into a shoe store and I immediately noticed this dubreggae groove that was playing over the system, I thought it was just mental! But after a few bars that break ended and the chorus came back on, and I realized it was this pop tune I had known for all my life! So when I came home I immediately sought it out, lifted the dub break, looped it and built a track around that. You should always be prepared for new inspiration, it can hit anytime anywhere.

Listening to your soundcloud the Tribe remix you sent in for the contest was a stand out from most of your other tracks. There seems to be a shift in your sound. Lot more Disco Edits / House in the past and the newer are more mash up / blend oriented. Did you outgrow that older style or are you just experimenting with other sounds?

I started to publish my edits on Soundcloud online a few years ago – mainly because it was so easy and I couldn’t do anything else with them because of copyright. The mashups are actually older than the rest, it was a case of “cleaning out the cupboard”, haha! I remember doing them because I heard so many really bad and obvious mashups, I wanted to do something different with the idea. So I made a bunch where I combined beats and funk grooves with folkrock, since I was exploring that sound at that time, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Grateful Dead and the likes. I have a few more that I might put online in the future, but in general there’s no rhyme or reason to what track I pick for treatment. When inspiration hits I go for it, and if the result is good enough in my opinion to share I put it online. At the moment I have a Zombies “Time Of The Season” remix that I should finish, as well as an edit of Alan Parsons Project. It’s all music to me.

What was the inspiration behind your submitted remix? Like I said before, it really was a stand out for us at the lab.

Funny thing is: it was actually the good people at Legitmix who came across the remix! It was already up on my Soundcloud before the competition and they send me a mail suggesting that I submit it – which I’m now eternally grateful for :)

‘Low-End Theory’ has always been such an important record to me, in terms of showing what can be done with sample production. And ‘Jazz’ has such a great mood, I remember seeing the clip on Yo!MTV Raps and being totally immersed in the whole vibe, just totally relaxed but super-tight at the same time… so I was destined to do something with that track sooner or later. I think it was last year around this time when I was listening to it one night and suddenly the idea just clicked – to have the basic groove and turn it into this very slow house shuffle, make it sound like it’s coming to you through a thick fog of snow. That’s the feel I was going for.

Who are your influences?

In music, I’d have to say George Clinton first and foremost. Especially the way he created a whole universe with Funkadelic and Parliament, I try to approach music the same way. Then as far as producers go, it’s Madlib and Luke Vibert. Both very unassuming musicians who just create, create, create. They both are wildly eclectic in their productions, and again build a whole world of sound with each release, but they maintain a distinct identity – you recognize ’em as soon as you hear ’em.

But I think it is very important to let yourself be inspired by many other things outside of music. So I should name a writer and a filmmaker as well. William Burroughs was the godfather of sampling – he taught us how to use it as a creative device and as a means of dissent, and we should never forget. Jim Jarmusch is the director I most vibe with. I like drawn out, repetitive music and his films reflect that same sensibility. So you could say I strive to make music like he makes films.

Top 3 albums or tracks for 2012?

As a music journalist who hears new stuff every day I find that question to be almost obscene :) it’s impossible for me to limit it to three. Also it might come as a surprise that I’m quite the metalhead… but anyway: the Tame Impala album was definitely a standout. It has a very retro sound to it but at the same time they approach it with a fresh attitude. I read it was largely constructed in Ableton and I’m not surprised.

What else? “World Music” by Goat is a must-listen, completely bonkers afrofunk mixed with psychedelic rock. I played the shit out of the re-release of “Dopesmoker” by Sleep – any head should dig this, it’s a Möbius ring of riffs. Also Eagle Twin, High On Fire, any of the 3 albums Ty Segall put out this year. In hiphop: tracks by Action Bronson, Le1f, Angel Haze, Killer Mike, Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren… the Jeremiah Jae album and of course Kendrick Lamar – so glad he’s blowing up, such talent. Electronic: Cottam, Mr Beatnick, The Brussels VLEK crew, Pepe Bradock, SCUBA, Falty DL… that’s just off the top of my head.

Favorite food?

My nickname is “Chef”, what do you think? I love my food, and I enjoy anything that’s prepared with care and love. Except Brussels sprouts – those can fuck right off.

Word on the street is you like Asian girls, any truth to that?

I don’t know what street you live in, but it’s news to me! To be honest I don’t really have a preference when it comes to women, my taste is as eclectic as in music and food. But I’m five years together with my GF, and she is definitely not Asian. Trust me, I’ve checked.

Jam all the other winners entries and thanks again to Le Chef and to Legitmix for everything. We look forward to hearing what comes from both camps and be sure to keep up with Turntable Lab for more contests and giveaways. Special thanks to Steebz Khuan for the artwork provided.

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