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Nick Catchdubs, Fool’s Gold Records Interview

Nick Catchdubs, co-head honcho (the other being the mighty A-trak) over at Brooklyn’s Fool’s Gold Records, just dropped his newest single “Bizness” from forthcoming album “Smoke Machine”. Fool’s Gold, being at the forefront of everything radical, is no stranger to the underground world. Dropping some of the most adventurous dance & rap tracks from the last decade, FG welcomes the changing landscape and Ol’ Catchdini leads the way.

Fool's Gold Stuff

So what’s new with Fool’s Gold?

We’re doing the same stuff we’ve always done – music, events, merch – and just trying to go bigger and bigger with it on our own terms. The Clubhouse stages this summer are really fun – our recap video from Electric Forest in Michigan is my favorite one yet – and I’m looking forward to our Day Off parties this fall.

Fool’s Gold has been heavy on the rap scene as of late. With the mass appeal of EDM right now, is this move intentional? It seems the new underground is listening to the raps again.

There was no master plan for releases, A-Trak and I just gravitate to whatever we’re most excited by at any given time. There’s a lot of good rap music right now, so we put it out! We’ve also dropped a ton of cool dance music in the past year. I feel what you’re getting at though – it DOES seem like popular dance music has become this neon kraken marauding through the countryside… we play those kind of festivals too, I’m not anti that type of music. You can be big and still clever. There are levels (and there is “Levels.”)

Ultimately we started as hip hop DJs, and that’s always going to be a huge part of what drives the label. The old Kid Sister singles and super underground Loosies kind of joints are part of the same family tree. I think a lot of that is because we’re based in New York, you see all these artists out at clubs and shows doing their thing, it’s natural for the releases to reflect our environment. If we were a Vegas label there’d probably be more bottle service laser music in the catalog, you know?
Loosies Boxset

Your new single “Bizness” just dropped (pick it up on iTunes). The video is wild. How did the concept come to be and what brought you to Scott Jacobson?

I just knew I wanted to make something unique. Not like, me standing behind turntables mugging for the camera and shit. I’ve known Jensen from the JASH crew for years, and had been following Scott’s stuff for bands – he made this hysterical Dinosaur Jr video about a dude that gets into customizing his minivan with crazy bass speakers and hallucinates Henry Rollins – and liked that he could do stuff that looked super pro visually but conceptually / emotionally be all over the place. Absurd vibes.


Originally we were going to star in the video, Beastie Boys style, but it was hard with everyone’s schedule, and getting everyone on board with the treatment (there was a Little Shop Of Horrors version originally, but IAMSU was like, “I was hella scared of that plant as a kid, I can’t really get down with this…” ). So in the end he enlisted a gang of comedians and we just make an appearance in photos on the wall, like how Chemical Brothers used to do.

Smoke Machine is the name of your soon to drop album. What can we expect to hear on the album?

“Bizness” is a good representation. It’s an album by a DJ. Remember when Ronson made his first album with the Ghostface joint? I feel like that was a reflection of what he was up to at that point in time, somewhere in between jiggy Tommy Hilfiger parties and the retro/soul stuff he would make at home. Ultimately I just want my record to be a reflection of ME. It’s raps and not raps. Some chill stuff, some hype stuff… I just want to get it done! I can’t be in studio full time, so it ends up being an album I make on Sundays.

2013 has been an active year for FG. With a major return from Sinden, the epic RL Grime “High Beams” EP, to a new El-P / Killer Mike collaboration and the FG Clubhouse stuff. It seems you have an endless well of awesome sh*t. Any other major plans for the year?

Party Supplies’ debut album Tough Love and Danny Brown’s Old LP are really exciting. (And the Duck Sauce album, which technically isn’t “on” FG but still a big deal for us.) We do cool singles and EPs all the time, but presenting albums is another big step, people perceive it way differently as a body of work.

Who are your favorite producers right now?

Gonna leave out FG folks for the sake of conversation (they are ALL my favorites!)

It’s a great time for hip hop. All the DJ Mustard-y west coast shit bringing 95/100 BPM back, Mike Will, Young Chop, the wild combination of folks that made Yeezus happen… I love that you can listen to any random A$AP tape and get turned on to random new producers. Chinza Fly who made “Work” and now this dude Snugsworth who did “Shabba.” Really anyone who’s dope can find a lane, the line between Soundcloud and the radio gets thinner and thinner.

On the dance side, I love this new Beautiful Swimmers album. Boston Bun on Ed Banger is bubbling under the radar. And for hard stuff DJ Snake and the GTA guys always manage to insert weirdness into big festival music, I’ve been playing a lot of their stuff.

Favorite emcees?

My all time favorite is still Redman.

Does Mr Goldbar have a Misses Goldbar?

He has to right? I’d say her look needs to be closer to the slutty Gremlin than just putting a Ms Pac Man bow on the logo. Go for the gusto… (ED Note: I don’t know, this kind of works)

Fool's Gold

Special thanks to Mr. Catchdubs (@catchdini) for the interview. Keep up with Fool’s Gold via the website, FG Soundcloud, and Twitter. We look forward to all the upcoming FG NY events and I’m putting in a personal request for more A-Trak scratch practice tapes. Until then pick up Catchubs’ new single Bizness on iTunes


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