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relaunch prelude sale

what the hell is “Relaunch Prelude Sale” anyway?
well, in the coming weeks we’re launching a new iteration of
yeah, e-commerce has changed a lot since we last did this, so expect a new Lab experience (but with the same soul).
more about this when we actually launch.

to  make the virtual move easier, we’re doing one of our biggest sales:
50% off most clothing / 20% off most music  + books + design.
with the addition of coupon functionality on the new site, we probably won’t run many (if any) of these overarching sales, so take advantage.

ps. for the vinyl heads, now is to buy on the more obscure titles on the site. yes, we’re still going to usual Lab selection on the new site, but for a lot of the older titles currently available, we’ll be moving the remaining copies to the stores.

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thanks for your support.

the mgmnt.


  • mike

    when is the sale until? thank you.