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TAANG! Records Reissues Pressed From Original Masters

TAANG! Reissues Pressed From Original Masters


TAANG! reissues! The Boston independent label has churned out over 200 releases since Curtis Casella launched it in 1984, and here’s a series of releases pressed directly from original masters. First is Answer The Call Vinyl LP from Kilslug, and the scuzz rock band’s 1986 LP has remained an underground classic with its potent mix of punk, noise and metal. Next up is the debut album, Devils Night Out Vinyl LP from the mighty Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the punk-ska that these gentlemen bring still feels like a raging all-night party. Also available is a cult-favorite shoegaze full-length from 1993. The album, Blonder Tongue Audio Baton Vinyl LP, is Swirlies’s best known release, and it’s such a precious relic of the ’90s indie scene. Boston’s Negative FX dropped one album in 1982, Negative FX and the band’s fast, hard sound is back on vinyl. Lastly, the debut LP from another another Bean Town outfit, Slapshot, is reissued, and the 1988 album was also important in the hardcore straightedge movement that was prevalent during the time. Check out Step On It Vinyl LP here.