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Hip-Hop Classics on 7″

Frankie Cutlass “Puerto Rico / Boriquas On The Set”


There is no doubt that there has been a huge spurt in 45-only djing, and here are 4 essential hip-hop releases to add to your arsenal. First up is one of the biggest NYC party anthems of the ’90s, “Puerto Rico” with “Boriquas On The Set” on the flip. This is the first time the Frankie Cutlass classic is available on a 7″, and the song still holds much potency, so act quick and make sure to cop doubles.

Raekown “Criminology” Vinyl 7″


Another 7″ that hit the site is Raekwon’s “Criminology” from his CLASSIC Only Built For Cuban Linx. RZA on production, and Ghostface Killah turns in a fine guest verse. On the flip is “Glaciers of Ice,” which features Mater Killer, and both songs are available for the first time on 7″.

The Beatnuts “Off The Books” Vinyl 7″


How incredible is the Buddy Baker “Sign Song”- sampling beat? Couple that with Big Pun‘s early, high respected verse, and “Off The Books” easily becomes one of the best and most successful from Psycho Les and JuJu.

Too Short “Blow The Whistle” Vinyl 7″


And last but certainly not least, here is a 2006 smash from the veteran Oakland MC Too Short. “Blow The Whistle” still bangs (“I go on and on”), and in addition Short going on “the people who can’t fucking hang,” Lil Jon’s bouncy production ensures maximum impact on the dancefloor.