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Various Radiohead Titles Available Now At Turntable Lab

Radiohead Titles Available Now At Turntable Lab

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HBO’s Silicon Valley is awesome, and Erlich Bachman in an episode says: “Everybody involved in the music industry is either stealing it or sharing it. They’re all a bunch of assholes, especially Radiohead.” Speaking of Thom Yorke and co., we’ve got a solid selection of albums and non albums available on the site now, from the polarizing debut, Pablo Honey (note: only Radiohead fans would hate on an album this solid), to the band’s most recent, A Moon Shaped Pool and various in-between releases. Not all but a lot of the albums—The Bends, Ok Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, and the 9th album—are 180g, audiophile repressings, which, we’re guessing, a typical Radiohead fan probably prefers over regular pressings. And now, the aforementioned Silicon Valley clip: