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St. Ides Vinyl LP Available Now At Turntable Lab

St. Ides St. Ides Vinyl LP

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St. Ides promos — the GOAT of product endorsement campaigns? The art created to sling this brand of malt liquor more or less gave birth to a subgenre of hip-hop, and ALL the greats were down: King Tee, Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Rakim, EPMD, DJ Pooh, 2Pac, MC Eiht, Nate Dogg (rip), Warren G, Scarface, Kool G Rap, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. & more… How was this possible and who booked all these heavyweights? That person is awesome. Anyway, this record compiles 30-plus tracks that praise the 40oz drank aka crooked i, and the production (’90s style beats representing both coasts) and verses are phenomenal, especially when Ghostface goes “call me the Wallabee Champ, stretched out, could never be son / ricochet daily hit the deli for a cold one / naturally blessed, yes, my rap is like a laser beam / that blows in the bushes, St. Ides fill the canteen.” It’s also pretty awesome when Pretty Tony does the “laser beam” line and actual laser beams shoot out of his body in the video: