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New Italo Arrivals: Lame’, Clio, Sandwich

Lame’ “You’ve Got The Night” Vinyl 12″


Some italo gems just hit the site, and leading off the classic bunch is Lame’s “You’ve Got The Night” Vinyl 12″, which has been remastered and comes with the instrumental. A true collectors’ item, check the ill drum programming, gliding synths, and the emotion-drenched vocals courtesy of Pietro Conti & Marco Meletti.

Sandwich “Let’s Go / Mustang” Vinyl 12″


Check the wild cover! So repug but so good at the same time. Another grail-status italo/cosmic joint, Sandwich’s “Let’s Go” and “Mustang” are back with fully remastered sound. Only 475 copies were pressed, so unless you got the plug for the 1979 original pressing, hurry up and get up on this!

Clio “Eyes” Vinyl 12″


S/O to La Discoteca for this one! Roberto Ferrante, who’s probably one of the biggest/greatest names in italo, produced the addictive Clio heatrock from 1984, and this remastered version (only 200 copies pressed) is pretty much guaranteed to do damage on the dancefloor.

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