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Sublime 40oz. To Freedom Vinyl 2LP


Sublime had the ’90s on lock with its energetic brand of ska-punk-reggae-rock, and here are three key releases from the Long Beach band, available now at Turntable Lab. First up is 40oz. to Freedom, the outfit’s debut released in 1992. Bradley Nowell, Eril wilson, and Bud Gaugh cover bands like Bad Religion, Toots & Maytals, Grateful Dead, and the Descendents, and their reggae, hip-hop, and of course, punk rock influences drive the album. Although the 21-tracker did not achieve commercial success, it became one of the best selling independently released records of all time.

Sublime Sublime Vinyl 2LP

sublime-sublime (1)

The third (2nd album was Robbin’ the Hood) and Sublime’s 1st major album debut, this self-titled release what the band is best known for. Released a few months after Nowell’s untimely death, the album contains tracks like “What I Got,” “Santeria,” “Wrong Way,” and “Doin’ Time.” Despite immense success of the ska, punk, rock, reggae, and hip-hop-influenced effort, Sublime would be the trio’s last album.

Sublime Acoustic (Bradley Nowell & Friends) Vinyl LP


Acoustic was released 2 years after Bradley Nowell’s demise, and it collects more intimate and raw renditions of Sublime’s materials. In addition songs like “Wrong Way” and other tracks from 40oz. to Freedom, Robbin’ the Hood, and Sublime, Nowell does a phenomenal medley of Bob Marley‘s tunes.

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