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John Carpenter Limited-Edition Pic Discs

John Carpenter Assault on Precint 13 / The Fog (Pic Disc) Vinyl 12″


Assault on Precinct 13 is a John Carpenter classic, and like many other works of the cult director, it is distinguished by the music. Carpenter started scoring his own films out of necessity, but the director’s compositions are now recognized as a major element of his aesthetic. This limited pressing pic disc features the theme from the 1976 police thriller on a pic disc, and the music has been rerecorded by Carpenter and his Lost Themes bandmates. On the flip is the equally recognizable theme from the 1980 horror film The Fog.

John Carpenter Halloween / Escape From New York (Pic Disc) Vinyl 12″


Also available as a limited-edition pic disc is an instantly-recognizable number from the first installment of the Halloween franchise. John Carpenter is known to have scored what was then an indie flick in just three days, and the piano and synth-driven main theme remains one of the movie’s highlights. On the b-side is the theme to the 1981 cult action film Escape from New York.

John Carpenter Pic Disc Vinyl 2×12″ Pack


We also have the pic disc pack available, with the above two records packaged in a convenient, money-saving bundle. And here’s a video of Carpenter rerecording the music for the above two releases:

John Carpenter scores available at Turntable Lab now.

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