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Roctakon: Fantasy Football and Teenage House Dreams


Most of you that have followed the Lab blog for years are familiar with the often hilarious tirades of Roctakon. He saw it fit to send us some random news from his current happenings and his boyhood crushes.

First thing was he wanted to share his Fantasy Football blog, ScatboysFantasy. I recommend starting from the first entry and work your way up from there.
Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 4.12.46 PM

Second thing was a great mix that was his favorite house mix as a teenager from Terry Mullan. I can’t figure out how to embed the player from “Rave Archive” so I am going to leave the link right here.
New School Fusion from Terry Mullan

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Moving with Roctakon


what made you decide to go out to the West Coast?

Once I really came to terms with the fact that I don’t want to DJ for a living, then the idea that I had to live in New York started to evaporate. A year or so ago I was in LA and it was my second day there, and I got in the rental car and put on the Hole album Celebrity Skin. It was February and like 80 something, and I just knew I was going to move there.

At that time dream scenario was that I get a deal for my book, use the money to come to LA and write a second book that’s been stewing in my head, and also try screenwriting. It’s been a year and I haven’t sold the book, or even found someone to rep it, but that’s fine, I’m just gonna go anyway. Cut the apron strings of DJing and sink or swim. I had to go to a lot of therapy and shit, cry about fucking DJing, wondering why I spent 19 years doing some shit I wasn’t really meant to do, but I finally have some peace.

I’m ready to live a quieter life. I skate, go to yoga, do some personal growth stuff, and I write. I can do all this a lot cheaper and easier in LA, and if writing stuff goes well I could make millions of dollars. It just seems like the move. I know it’s boring and corny there, but I’m not going to throw parties, I’m going to do all that stuff, so boring and corny is just fine.

what do you hope to experience / accomplish out there?

I’ve got enough money to last a year, I’m trying to get a book deal, working on self publishing in case I don’t get a book deal, working on writing a TV pilot and a rom-com. I’d like to have the pilot and rom-com done, and have started a second novel by the end of the first year. If I can turn this stuff into money somehow, or use them to land some sort of job I’ll be happy. I don’t expect to get rich overnight, but I think I’m gonna do ok. I did this DJ thing, I know how to hustle, I’ll be fine. I believe in myself. You have to sorta believe, almost like an insane person, that you’re chosen, that you can do it. If there had been some sort of aptitude test to determine if I’d have made a good DJ I probably would have failed miserably, but I managed to do it; I just have that thing. I’m one of those insane people who believes they’re chosen or whatever. I’m psychotic.

is this a permanent / long term decision?

I think it’s a for now decision. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to drive and listen to sports talk and Eli Escobar’s soundcloud. I totally can see myself settling down there, raising a family or something, but I’m sticking to for now, leaving it open so whatever happens can happen.

any advice for youngins looking to move to NYC?

New York will always be New York, you can’t take its New York-ness away. It’s in a weird era of profound change, and a lot of shit really really sucks, but I think it’ll stay New York. I’m pretty burned on it for now, but I think if a 22 year old asks me New York or LA, I’d say New York all the way. LA is for 30 something failed DJs, New York is for 22 year old anythings. It’s the best place to be in your twenties. The other thing I’d say is come, but it’s OK if it’s not for you. It does not make you uncool, or not tough or something, it’s not for everybody. I may be back, I may not, it’s ok. It’s ok if it beats you and you leave, it’s ok if you stay, whatever happens is fine, come have the experience if you want.

I saw you sold your DJ setup. Who bought it? You think you’ll ever own another setup?

A young guy who wanted turntables, he got an ok deal on the gear, but the good juju he got is priceless. Good luck to him with those things.

Yea, if I get rich I’ll buy another setup. Gear doesn’t mean anything, you can always buy new gear. I kept my records because if I make a lot of paper I’m gonna have a lil study where I can trip out and play disco and house and tell war stories with my old dj buddies.

what are five 12″s you’re definitely keeping?

I’m keeping my records but if I had to sell them and keep five:

Lamont Dozier “Going Back To My Roots”

Sylvester “Over and Over”

D-Train “You’re The One For Me” (promo that plays at 45)

Inner Life Ain’t No Mountain High Enough / Make It Last Forever (2004 pressing not so rare but a treasure)

Kenny Lattimore “Days Like This”

Obviously this list will change daily, but I just can’t imagine not owning these records. To not own a copy of “You’re The One For Me” I don’t know, it just seems criminal.

as you get older, what brings you happiness?

Helping younger dudes who have struggles similar to mine. Writing something that touches people or helps them, or even that I know is good. Skating with my boys in New York and LA, having fun and just getting in that zone where you’re landing shit. I like kicking it in the house and playing dance music. One day I’ll probably get my flash drives organized and do some sets, but for now I gotta do this other shit. Also this shorty I been seeing, we’re hyperlinked it’s chill AF.

ED NOTE: next episode, we’ll talk to Roc in LA!

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Random Questions With Roctakon


This round of questions is freeform, but at Roc’s suggestion, future entries will be themed. We’re going with the effects of age, evolving perspectives, and change since it’s something all of us have to deal with…

Why don’t you DJ  money gigs anymore?

I’m trying to get my novel published, write another novel, and break into screenwriting game, and the more I DJ the less creative energy I have for writing. Besides that, DJing, at least the kind of DJing I do, is horrible. It’s just dead, no other word describes it, but dead. I could have switched up my musical style and done more of a—for lack of a better term—Tiki Disco type thing, but I just didn’t want to. I really don’t think I love music that much, not enough to soldier on like that, playing in Brooklyn and being nice to people so they support my party or whatever. I’m not built for that shit.

I think everybody crosses this threshold with DJing where they’re forced to ask themselves, “is this my life or is this something I did in my twenties?” I never thought I was going to be one of those people that walked away, I always fancied myself a lifer, but when push came to shove, when it was get on the plane to Vegas or start my own party, I didn’t want to do either. I learned the truth about myself. I’m not a lifer.

I think by April I’m not going to be Djing at all. I’m gonna spend a year living on some savings and credit cards, and give this writing thing a real shot. I feel like even having that little foot on the DJ side of things is keeping me from doing my best work, diving completely in and making it my life.  

I guess I just had to burn it down. I’m that dude. I have to try this other thing, and I think I’ll end up being right, but for now I’m a fucking cautionary tale.

Aside from Taylor, who is your celebrity crush?

I’m really not that into celebrities. As a general rule people willing to do the bullshit you have to do to become famous are not the kind of people I’m interested in. There is always an actress here or there that I’ll think is hot, and I see them as attainable but I don’t really see a celebrity as a viable partner. I’ve stood on the precipice of the DJ fame thing, and was just like, FUCK NO, so I’m skeptical of anyone that says YES to that sort of thing. Give me the girl who’s talented but not desperate to get her picture taken. There can only be one person in this relationship dying to have their picture taken, and that’s me.

What type of girls make the best lovers? Skinny, athletic, chubby?

Girls that don’t have sexual hang-ups and are comfortable with their bodies make the best lovers. All that other shit is superfluous. Find someone confident that loves to fuck and is down to try new things. That’s the ideal. Fatt ass helps tho. 5-7, fat ass, uninhibited, that’s the ideal Tinder Tag Line.

What do you miss about leaving Manhattan for BK?

Nothing really. Running errands is a bigger pain in the ass, and getting to yoga is harder. It was a couple blocks from my house before, now it’s like more than a half hour commute which really sucks.

Brooklyn is nicer more peaceful, city is easier to get around but louder and more annoying. It’s all the same shit.

I sorta want nothing to do with New York right now. All those typical New York ideals that keep people living here and paying the crazy rents and shit just stopped meaning anything to me recently. NYC just started feeling like a corny city for rich people. That’s how I feel when I walk around, just like, fuck this corny place, why am I here? If I’m gonna live somewhere this corny, why not live where it’s warm and I can skate all the time and not kill myself to live in a shoe box.

If I was paid I’d probably just stay, but I’m not and I feel like I won’t get paid if I stay. I think I have to leave. But the other day I was driving a rental van on the BQE and BLS was playing some disco shit, and I teared up and thought fuck how can I leave this place, but, I think it’s time. It’s pretty sad, but it’s time for me to go.

What’s up with DJ E-Rock? Word on the street is that he’s body sculpting.

Yea, he’s not really into the self promotion aspect of DJing, he’s like a pure craft guy. It’s pretty gnarly how good he’s gotten at DJing, like if you get a chance to see him do a shitty club it’s really something; he’s super good. Anyway, since he’s not really interested in playing politics and taking headshots and shit, he spends his free time getting ill at cross-fit. He’s like some type of hero/poster boy at his gym, he used to go 7 days a week, but the gym actually banned him from coming on Sundays so he would rest, that’s how hard he goes. He just pumps iron or runs in circles and does jumping jacks or whatever the fuck they do, then slays it at the club at night. Don’t know if you knew this but he’s the one who got me really into sports. I was fucked up and couldn’t skate for like 6 months and I got deep into sports because of him. I owe him big time for that.

check out Roc’s Predictions For 2013

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