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Freegums X Michna X TTL 10th Anniversary Kick Off

Must say that the Freegums X Michna X TTL 10th Anniversary Kick Off was on point.

Here’s what you missed:

TKat brought the crowd in just right:



Freegums on the walls:




Michna & the Raw Paw Band:




Michna’s show was probably one of the best audio/visual/video game trance inducing

shows I’ve seen for a while . . .

if you get a chance to check them out at any of their upcoming shows, DO IT!

Special thanks to Ghostly, Cornerstone, Red Stripe, and everyone else

who helped make this possible. . . oh yeah, so we don’t start a blog war:


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hoya paranoia. i would never rock nyu gear (or any other college), but i love rocking gtown gear. i might even rock the shiny gtown starter. before the horrendous slide, Boy Genius ordered me up this year’s We Are Georgetown shirt… it arrived in the midst of the this unexplicable meltdown. i normally go see them play St. John’s in the garden every year, but I’m skipping this year, don’t know if i could handle a loss to the red.


new Fool’s Gold records arrived. Dust going for that 80s minimalist type thing…. white vinyl is so miami vice…


i order books sporadically for the site, but there’s a ton of good shit out there right now… look for them on the site… these two are going up tonite… strictly for the design nerdus. also coming soon, new signed books from shepard fairey and ryan mcginness


right now is buying time for Fall clothing… just got the enjoi catalog, and died laughing at this new glove. yes, they’re really producing these.


spotted a lion in the office…

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goings on…


on my way to LA, I stumbled into the new Jet Blue terminal. so sick. the railway entrance looked like an entrance into Kubrick heaven. the exterior view is incredible as well, as the industrial grey terminal hugs the classic Saarinen terminal. would have got the shot for you, but i felt self-conscious about being that A.D.D. (asian design dude). inside, the food and shopping choices were better than the mall (jamba juice, ramen, muji, borders)… next time I’m going early.


went to go check out the LA store. got some new cabinets built, just in time for gift buying season.


on Sunday night Boy Genius gave me a call to tell me that he was going to be on the local nbc show doing sports trivia… answer 10 right and win a flat screen. the commentators were making fun of his winter Skins gear (“nice jacket, i can see why you’d need that in Hollywood”). also check out the expression on the hosts faces…


i guess they wanted him to win. they tossed him a softball: name what team 10 nba players play for. iverson… brandon roy… david west …. so easy. but on number 9, Genius choked on…. MIKE BIBBY? he said Sacramento!!! for someone who plays fantasy hoops, unacceptable… again look at the hosts’ expression (is this dude for real?)


from the heights of the new JB terminal to the lows of the nyc subway. genius move to cap some of the old seats with these lavender ones… DC metro will always be #1…


a friend called up to tell me that she had extra tickets to the late Bebel Gilberto show at Joe’s Pub (best venue ever). of course Sabo was there, and somehow he managed to get me a front row table… thanks dood. people have told me about Bebel’s diva-side and being so close, i kinda caught a whiff of mariah-ness. nevertheless, great show and awesome band.


and finally, we say farewell to this Lab relic. we got this Imac while in our first office in Tribeca. i remember the feeling of being such a “cutting edge internet company” with this fruity-colored underachiever. Many a good dj have put sweat into this machine: frogman, roger yamaha, blu jemz, cmish, minimal man…. RIP crappy Imac.

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rostarr + stereo wrap up, cheating


man, holiday season is kicking my ass.

so busy that i haven’t been able to post any photos from rostarr’s show.

hypebeast has actually done a better job than i would, go take a look

click on the thumbnails and it opens up a slideshow….

I love how they shout out the “special meet-and-greet with Boy Genius”… too funny…

shout to the Stereo crew (Jason Lee even stopped by), Ego Trip crew (Female Rapper Show coming in 2008!!!), Pase, Them Jeans, Willystyle and everyone else who came through…

supertouch coverage here

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best album art ever?






by the way, did you guys see the new baby + birdman video? weezie’s body is 100% inked and hes on some barry bonds ‘roids.


ps – its diddy week bitches. album review from b. genius coming soon. buy the record, get the pussy.

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Nara Leao


One cool thing about working around music is that you get to listen to a wide array of different types of music. The new reissue of 1970s compilation from Brasilian tropicalist Nara Leao made my day on a slushy tuesday in Dumbo.

a little reseach, digs up this excellent record cover design.


if you want to hear more (shamless plug)

click here

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