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Escape From F**k Zone

My good friend Cristina Moracho and I launched the choose-your-own-adventure comic we’ve been working on. It’s been over a year of writing/drawing and we have finished.

It’s called Escape From Fuck Zone, and it is a wrenching portrayal of sex and dating from a female POV.

In the game, you are a girl in your twenties navigating the excruciating dating landscape of emotionally unavailable man-children. Take your pick between Hipster Guy, Average Guy, and Way Older Guy — if none of them appeal to you, you can go on a dating app and choose from over 100 other suitors, from Drinking A Beer Guy to Butt Chin. Throughout it all, the objective is simple: escape from the fuck zone and into a fulfilling relationship!

It’s also available as an app for iPhone or iPad


You are a single girl in your 20s


Hipster Guy, Average Guy, & Way Older Guy


Hipster Guy’s record shelf


You can always go on a dating app to find more sweet dudes like Emerging From The Mist Guy or Butt Chin!


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