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Got a new macbook pro, decided against using one of the generic Mavericks backgrounds (only white ppl would have a wave of water be their desktop background, #truth), so I created my own, decided to share w/ yall.

Bubba Chuck and Turntable Lab are of the same DNA. When I think of AI, I dont think about the horrible Reebok shoes, tats, cornrows or the oversized shiny-suit material jerseys, I think about the Hoya that terrorized the Big East and the Rookie of the Year that dropped 50 in something like 10 games in a row. Homage and respect to the greatest, Bad Newz Virginia’s finest, big shout out to Cru Thik + THROW THIS SHIT ON YOUR DESKTOP!!!!

3840 x 2400px

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twitter x GoT

I thought following a hoops/football game on twitter was fun, but sports cant touch twitter commentary on Game of Thrones:

Here’s a snippet (pun intended) of what ppl were saying about Grey Worm last night….


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