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Turntable Lab Radio 031: Eli Escobar


For the latest episode of Turntable Lab Radio, Eli Escobar blesses us with a fire set consisting of house, disco, and more. Eli also talks to Lab’s Zephyr Ann about his latest album, Happiness, which is out on Classic and available in very limited quantities here. Congrats to the homie for the excellent 2nd LP, and stay tuned for more from TTL Radio!

Turntable Lab Radio 031: Eli Escobar

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J Dilla The King of Beats II Vinyl LP

J Dilla The King of Beats II Vinyl LP


16 more unreleased beats from the Lost Scrolls of J Dilla! Vol.1, especially the awesome SP1200 boxset version, showcased top-notch, never-before-heard beats from the late producer’s arsenal, and Volume 2 features 16 more gems created on the AKAI MPC 3000 (Dilla’s machine is now displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture), thus the awesome cover on this record. Essential listening material for fans of that dusty, jazzy hip-hop!

J. Dilla releases available not at Turntable Lab.

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Elac Speakers: Debut & Uni-Fi Series Available at Turntable Lab

Elac UB5 Uni-Fi Series 5 1/4″ Concentric 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (UB51-BK)


Elac offers a variety of options for loudspeakers. Models from the German company’s Debut & Uni-Fi lines just hit the site, and they offer high-quality sound reproduction at different price points. At $499 (comes as a pair), the UB5 5 1/4″ Concentric 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers is a compact solution for deep bass + accurate top ends, and the 5.25″ woofer, 1″ tweeter, and 4″ midrange cones come housed in a lowkey, black-brushed-vinyl finished medium-density fibreboard cabinet.

Elac F5 Debut Series 5 1/4″ Floorstanding Speaker (DF51-BK)


If space is not an issue, Elac also offers the F5 3-2ay Floorstanding Speaker at $279.99 (single unit). When it comes to the bookshelf vs.tower speakers question, there is really no clear cut answer; it all depends on what you want. In this case, the F5 offers the same size sub, mid, high cones as the above UB5 and nearly identical frequency response. With that said, this configuration will offer a bigger and more robust sound (especially low end) because of the extra space in the cabinet (really simplifying things here). If you plan on adding a sub to your setup, the bookshelves might be a better option, but then again, floorstanding speakers can also be incorporated in to larger systems, so again, it all depends on what you want.

Elac B5 Debut Series 5 1/4″ Bookshelf Speakers (DF51-BK)


Now moving on to the 2-way options, the B5 Bookshelf Speakers, at $229 (comes as a pair), is a real bargain, especially given the sound quality it produces (2015 Absolute Sound Product of the Year winner). The 5.25″ sub woofer promises deep, detailed bass, and although it lacks the mid-range cone that the above two models have, the 1″ cloth dome tweeters deliver crisp highs. The speaker is a marvel at the size and price point it offers.

Elac B5 Debut Series 5 1/4″ Bookshelf Speakers (DB41-BK)


Now on to the most affordable option from Elac ($179.99, comes as a pair), the B4 Debut Series 4″ Bookshelf Speakers. You can count on accurate highs and rich bass from this compact model, and although it will be fine as a standalone, the B4 will be perfect as a part of a surround-sound system if you decide to add a subwoofer or other components.

Elac speakers available now at Turntable Lab.

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Stance Socks – Allen Iverson & Skate Legends

Stance Socks Available at Turntable Lab


Stance socks always on point, and Allen Iverson is the latest cultural icon immortalized on some fly mid-calf joints. There are two styles available that we are offering as a pack, or you can just pick up the illustrated version.


Also available on the site are fresh feet garments that pay homage to ’80s skate legends. From The red Natas Kaupas editions wrapped in classic Santa Monica Airlines graphics to the Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero foot covers that both feature iconic Powell-Peralta prints, these are a must for skate fans, especially if are looking for fantastic elastic arch support and/or seamless toe closures.

As with the Iverson socks, we have the Skate Legends socks available as a convenient pack, or you can purchase each one individually:

Stance Natas Socks – Red
Stance – Tommy Guerrero Socks – Orange
Stance – Lance Mountain Socks – Blue

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Black Sabbath 180g Colored Vinyl Reissues Available Now

Black Sabbath Albums on Vinyl LP Available Now


Black Sabbath was formed in 1968. After 40-plus years of raising hell, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler are currently on their farewell tour (drummer Bill Ward reunited with the band briefly in 2015 to receive an award, but no signs of him taking part in the tour), The End Tour, which is being billed as “the beginning of the end.” The Birmingham band, starting with its 1970 self-titled debut, birthed heavy metal and went on to release influential albums for the next 4 decades, and the 180g, colored vinyl reissues of the first 6 albums are available now at Turntable Lab. The aforementioned first album would prove to be the demarcation between rock and roll and heavy metal, and the second album, Paranoid, followed soon after to shake up the world with absolute classics like “Iron Man” and “War Pigs.”

The third album, Master of Reality, was released in 1971, and the heftier sound it showcases (Iommi and Butler downtuned their guiatar/bass) helped define doom/stoner/sludge metal. Black Sabbath released its 4th album in 1972, and Vol.4 is notorious for the amount of cocaine and alcohol that Ozzy and gang consumed while recording it. Consequently, the band took more ambitious approaches on some of the songs, and that’s good because “Changes,” a piano ballad and now one of the biggest songs from BS’s catalog, came to be as a result.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, the heavy metal gods’ 5th studio album, came out in 1973. Due to tour fatigue and writer’s block induced by said fatigue and substance abuse, the band struggled to come up with material, but a castle in The forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England (Led Zeppelin had wrote/recorded here) would provide inspiration for one of the strongest albums in Black Sabbath’s catalog. About two years later, in 1975, Sabotage, the doom metal originators’ 6th album, dropped, and as the group was in the midst of an arduous legal battle (involving their former manager), there is even more anger and frustration in songs like “Hole In The Sky” and “Symptom of the Universe.”

Needless to say, the reissues should be welcome news for Black Sabbath/metal fans, and the fact that Warner Bros. chose to do a proper, audiophile-quality pressing for the 6 albums, which come housed in gatefold sleeves, definitely helps.

Check out Black Sabbath Vinyl LPs available at Turntable Lab.

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Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Soundtrack 180g Colored Vinyl LP PRE-ORDER

Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Soundtrack 180g Colored Vinyl LP PRE-ORDER


How is it possible that this show got cancelled after only 2 seasons??? The early ’90s mystery/psychological thriller was a brand child of Mark Frost and David Lynch, and the surreal way it explored the lives of seemingly normal & upright lives of Twin Peaks (a fictional location set in Washington) residents resulted in some of the best (and certainly trippiest) TV moments. Twin Peaks was accompanied by music that perfectly reflected the moods and emotions of the storyline (it’s a David Lynch work, afterall), and for the first time in 25 years, Death Walts Recordings will reissue the soundtrack in 180g, “Damn Fine Coffee” brown vinyl. Angelo Badalamenti, the composer, adds extensive liner notes for the release, which features new artwork approved by Lynch. If you’re interested in the record, click here to get PRE-ORDER information, and here’s a one of the most memorable scenes from the show:



Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Soundtrack 180g Colored Vinyl LP PRE-ORDER

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Suicide Albums Available Now At Turntable Lab

Suicide Suicide Vinyl LP

suicide-suicide (1)

Alan Vega passed away last month, and the proto-punk pioneer, alongside Martin Rev, left behind influential work as Suicide. The duo’s 1977 self-titled debut came after Vega and Rev had been working the LES art scene for nearly a decade, and the raw, confrontational energy of the album helped shape what punk, industrial, hip-hop, noise, and other genres would become. This reissue, which includes extensive liner notes by Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore, has been remastered from original mixes of the 1977 LP.

Suicide Alan Vega Marvin Rev Vinyl LP

suicide-alanvegamartinrev (1)

The second album from Suicide, Alan Vega Martin Rev, came out in 1980, and it represented a shift from the proto-punk DNA of the band. Much of the reason can be attributed to The Cars’ Ric Ocasek, who produced the album, as he filled out Vega and Rev’s stripped down sound with keyboards and rhythm machines. The result was a more pop oriented record that was “still crazed and venomous.” Make sure to grab the albums while they last, and here’s a 1980 clip of the group performing “Ghost Rider” live:

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St. Ides Vinyl LP Available Now At Turntable Lab

St. Ides St. Ides Vinyl LP

stides-stidesbootleg (2)

St. Ides promos — the GOAT of product endorsement campaigns? The art created to sling this brand of malt liquor more or less gave birth to a subgenre of hip-hop, and ALL the greats were down: King Tee, Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Rakim, EPMD, DJ Pooh, 2Pac, MC Eiht, Nate Dogg (rip), Warren G, Scarface, Kool G Rap, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. & more… How was this possible and who booked all these heavyweights? That person is awesome. Anyway, this record compiles 30-plus tracks that praise the 40oz drank aka crooked i, and the production (’90s style beats representing both coasts) and verses are phenomenal, especially when Ghostface goes “call me the Wallabee Champ, stretched out, could never be son / ricochet daily hit the deli for a cold one / naturally blessed, yes, my rap is like a laser beam / that blows in the bushes, St. Ides fill the canteen.” It’s also pretty awesome when Pretty Tony does the “laser beam” line and actual laser beams shoot out of his body in the video:

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