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Turntable Lab Cartridge Care Kit (Stylus Force Guage, Alignment Tool, Brush)

Turntable Lab Cartridge Care Kit (Stylus Force Guage, Alignment Tool, Brush)


It’s all about the small details when you’re trying to get the best sound possible from your turntable set-up, and here’s a TTL bundle to help your cartridge get properly aligned and weighted, including the custom, Lab-branded Audio Setup Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush. Buy the bundle here or pick and choose what just you need:

Turntable Lab Audiosetup Carbon Fiber Stylus Brush

Shure SFG-2 Stylus Force Guage

Record Supply Co. Cartridge Alignment Protractor Tool


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Roland TR-09 Rhythm Performer, TB-03 Bass Line Sound Module, VP-03 Vocoder Sound Module, DJ-808 DJ Controller PRE-ORDER

Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller – PRE-ORDER


It’s almost here! Roland jumps in to the DJ market, and the company makes a HUGE splash w/ this beast of a machine, which combines a powerful, advanced Serato controller with the TR drum machine capable of reproducing the sonics of the most iconic, classic rhythm units: TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909. It’s a dream come true if you’re a dj-producer that’s in to making and tweaking music live, just imagine the possibilities! Pre-order now!

Roland TR-09 Rhythm Performer Sound Module – PRE-ORDER


In addition to its foray into the DJ scene, the Japanese brand is brining back some of the most influential drum machines in more compact, redesigned forms. First up is the TR-09, which promises to recreate the dancefloor-dominating lineage of the TR-909. A part of the Roland Boutique Series, this affordable unit includes some modern upgrades (USB audio, USB MIDI, etc) but remains faithful to the classic sound that made its big brother such a cross-generational monster of a hit.

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Sound Module – PRE-ORDER


If you’re talking about low end, the acid magic of the TB-303 must be mentioned, and the TB-03 is the direct descendant of the synth that will recreate and deliver the hypnotic, squelching punch. The interface and the controls are replicated from the OG machine, and the improved connectivity makes the TR-03 a power addition to your setup.

Roland VP-03 Vocoder Sound Module – PRE-ORDER


The last of the Roland Boutique Series available now for PRE-ORDER is the Roland VP-03, which is a miniature recreation of the VP-330 Vocoder Plus. For those into shaping synthesized sound w/ the human voice for that retro “talking robot” vibe, this is a compact and affordable option that accurately emulates the original unit that remains one of the most popular vocoders ever made.

Roland DK-01 Boutique Dock – PRE-ORDER


And lastly, this custom dock allows you to mount the above Roland Boutique Series modules. Wether you want them flat or tilted, the DK-01 got you covered!

Roland products available at Turntable Lab now.

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Classic Albums from Neil Young Available Now

Neil Young On The Beach Vinyl LP


“Honey Slides,” fam. The Canadian rock god Neil Young‘s 5th studio album, recorded in California, is marked by a crude, stripped-down arrangements and less polished sound, and it was a sharp turn from the wildly successful Harvest, which came out in 1972. Nevertheless, On The Beach has gained the props it deserves over time, and it’s impossible to deny the depth and richness of songs like “Walk On,” “On The Beach,” and “Albulance Blues.” But yes, back to Honey Slides, a potent concoction of sauteed marijuana and honey that Young & a variety of musicians freely consumed during the recording of this LP…

Neil Young Tonight’s The Night Vinyl LP


Tonight’s The Night is the 6th album from Mr. Young, and it was actually recorded EARLIER than On The Beach. Some of the sucky life life shit that influenced the 12-tracker: death of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten and of friend and roadie Bruce Berry. You can definitely hear the gloom and woe that was shadowing over dude in the lyrics and overall tone of the album.

Neil Young Zuma Vinyl LP


After the famed “Ditch Trilogy,” which refers to the brilliantly haunting trio of releases that include the above two works, came Zuma, the seventh studio album from the classic rock icon. Although much less on the rough, first-take aesthetic of preceding albums, Zuma still is characterized by a lively feel, and it birthed one of Mr. Young’s most beloved songs, Cortez the Killer.

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A-Trak Parallel Lines feat. Phantogram Serato Colored Vinyl 7″

A-Trak “Parallel Lines” feat. Phantogram Serato Colored Vinyl 7″


Trizzy drops a banger, and keeping true to his turntablist/digital djing pioneer/tasteful electronic producer lineage, the song is pressed on clear 7″ vinyl w/ the Serato Control Tone on the flip. Really, all aspects, generations, and evolutions of the craft are covered w/ this release, and needless to say, this Fool’s Gold gem is very limited, so act quick!

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Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable w/ Scratch Switch – PRE-ORDER

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable With Scratch Switch – PRE-ORDER


Numark announced the PT01 Scratch last month, and this must-have portable turntable is now available for PRE-ORDER at Turntable Lab. Built on the trusted PT-01 that’s been central to the “portablism” movement, which has been gaining a crazy amount of ground since the introduction of the Raiden Fader, the Scratch model is equipped with a built-in, adjustable, and replaceable “slide-Switch” (aka a fader?). Here is the complete features list:

• Built-in adjustable Scratch slide-Switch
• User-replaceable scratch slide-switch keeps the action going
• Protective dust cover and integrated carrying handle
• Wall-powered with included AC adapter or six batteries (not included)
• Built-in speaker
• Cartridge included
• Removable slip-mat
• Class-compliant USB connection for PC recording
• 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM settings
• RCA line and headphone outputs
• 1/8” Aux input with adjustable volume

Check out this video of DJ Perly taking the PT01 Scratch out for a spin:

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Vinyl Vac Vinyl Record Cleaner

Vinyl Vac Vinyl Record Cleaner


Got dusty vinyl? Simply attach this extension to your vacuum cleaner, and see the dust, dirt, and all types of grime get sucked away. There’s a soft, velvety felt that protects the labels on your treasured LPs/12″s/45s/78s/10″s, and unless you’re willing to shell out a shit ton of money for one of the VPI or Okki Nokki devices, this genius solution might be the cheapest, fastest way to achieving better sound (peep the epic music choice for the instruction video below).


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