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Only NY Summer 2016 Collection Now Available At Turntable Lab

Only NY Summer 2016 Collection

A brand new Summer 2016 deliver from Only just hit the site, and the NY brand once again strikes the perfect balance between the city and nature. Pick up any piece from the above line (click on thumbnail to see more info.), and you’ve got yourself a versatile hat/t-shirt/hoodie/shorts that you can wear to the beach/pool during the day, then straight to the bar without missing a beat.

Check out Only NY available at Turntable Lab now.

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DJ Tech Dif-2S DJ Mixer w/ Innofader

DJ Tech DIF-2S DJ Mixer w/ Innofader


DJ Tech improves the popular DIF-1S mixer, and it does so without affecting the price tag. The main improvements on the DIF-2S are as follows: channel fader curve control + reverse option, cure mix functionality, and 1/4″ TRS balanced master outputs. All that on top of the quality fader (InnoFader Mini) and various connection options (Timecode Mode for DVS users) for under $200! This is a performance mixer that offers the best bang for the buck. Here are some more images of the DIF-2S:

The DJ Tech DIF-2S is also available in white, and click here to see all DJ Tech products available now at Turntable Lab.

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Jason Markk Essential Kit (Cleaning Solution & Brush)

Jason Markk Essential Kit (Cleaning Solution & Brush)


First hitting the market in 2007, Jason Markk has been dominating the cleaning products market and has become a lifestyle brand that goes hand in hand with the very sneakers it freshens up. The LA-based company now boasts a full line of shoe products as well as a physical boutique, which is home to a drop-off sneaker care service staffed with experienced, knowledgable Sneaker Care Technicals (SCTs). The Essential Kit is arguably what triggered the success of Jason Markk, and with good reason. Check out this video that summarizes how easy and effective the solution + brush combo is:

No more household products and/or sub-par cleaners that just don’t get the job done… From leather, suede, and nubuck to canvals, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh and beyond, Jason Markk is the way to go if you’re looking to keep your sneakers looking pristine.

Check out Jason Markk products available now at Turntable Lab.

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Arthur Russell & Sleeping Bag Records Related…

Arthur Russell Tower of Meaning Vinyl LP


All things related to Arthur Russell currently available at Turntable Lab, and Tower of Meaning is up first. Originally released by Chatham Square in 1983, the album consists of timeless compositions that explore changing soundscapes composed of 2-3 notes, which are tuned to modal / raga scales played by various instrumental groups. Hands down a minimalist masterpiece, the record is back in print for the first time in over 30 years. Here’s one track from the album:

Dinosaur L “Go Bang! #5″ Vinyl 12”


The next record is produced by Arthur Russell and Will Socolov (under the Dinosaur L moniker), with Francois K handling the mix (one hell of a line-up, if you ask us). “Go Bang!” was influential in both the no-wave and disco scene, with floating trumpets, dubbed-out guitars and a sick break that keeps building until the piano and vocals come in for even more intensity and drama on the danceflloor.

Class Action “Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)” Vinyl 12″


Finally, here is an official repress of a garage classic from 1983. Leroy Burgess & James Calloway wrote “Weekend,” and the song was produced by Bob & Lola Blank. The Arthur Russell connection comes via the Sleeping Bag imprint the disco anthem originally saw its release, and this reissue includes a dub/acapella for those that like to get creative in the booth. Also on the 12″ is the essential & extra special Larry Levan mix:

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Dali Zensor 1 Bookshelf Speakers

Dali Zensor 1 Bookshelf Speakers


Custom drivers and clean design define these award-winning loudspeakers from Dali! Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, the Zensor 1s offer the best-in-class resolution and detail, thanks to soft dome tweeters and wood/fibre cone woofer w/ 4-layer voice coils that provide tight bass. Here are a few words from the company that perfectly summarize the Zensor 1s:

ZENSOR 1 simply succeeds in converting amplifier power into pure acoustical energy without loss or limitations, and it will give pleasure to your ears and eyes over and over with focused, coherent sound and a stylish, visual identity.

Also available in two other colors, black and walnut.


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Focus Alpha Professional Monitoring Loudspeakers

Focal Alpha 50 Professional Monitoring Loudspeaker (Single)


Studio monitors from Focal are available at Turntable Lab now, with Alpha 50 being the smaller version for those concerned with space. The compact, sleek design is perfect for confined workstations, and the model features 5″ woofer/midrange speaker and a 1″ aluminum inverted dome tweeter.

Alpha 65 Professional Monitoring Loudspeaker (Single)


The Alpha 65 is a bit larger with 6.5″ woofer/midrange speaker and a similar 1″ aluminum inverted dome tweeter. If you are looking for a bit more power (70W/35W amplifier VS. Alpha 50’s 35W/20W amplifier) and have the space to accommodate the not-as-compact design, the 65 is the move. Other than size and power, both models are noted for low directivity (sound stays consistent throughout the room), neutrality (no distortion), tonal balance as low & high volumes (low sensitivity to wall effects), optimal acoustic integration, and connectivity options that allows for up to 2 audio sources.


Check out all Focal products available at Turntable Lab.

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Turntable Lab Radio 030: Ivan Ave


Ivan Ave from Oslo guests for episode 30 of Turntable Lab Radio! He is a rapper, and Helping Hands, which dropped earlier this year with production help from LA’s Mndsgn, has been in constant rotation at our East Village storefront to much positive feedback from staff and customers (“what’s this playing?”). Before getting to the raps, Ivan played a funky, soulful set (yes, he is also a DJ) of old & new grooves that perfectly complemented the sunny, mid-70s Saturday afternoon, and it was good times / good vibes for fans, shoppers, & Lab heads in attendance.

Make sure to check out and support the talented homie’s music, and stay tuned for more from Turntable Lab Radio.

Turntable Lab Radio 030: Ivan Ave

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Italo Round Up…

Pineapples “Come on Closer” Vinyl 12″


Some choice Italo selections are currently available at Turntable Lab, and first up is a RARE ONE with an interesting back story… Listen to “Come On Closer” from 1983 by Italian producer Roberto Ferrante, and you’ll immediately notice that the vocals on the record sounds pretty American. Why? It’s because the track is voiced by a Texan soldier who was stationed at a NATO base in Naples, Ferrante’s hometown. This record is essential for any fan of the genre, but with OG pressings going for upwards of $200, thank goodness for this repress. Oh, and the tune was sampled by Neon Indian:

Clio “Faces” Vinyl 12″

Another Roberto Ferrante-produced joint, “Faces” by Clio… The haunting synths and the mellow vocals has often put this one in the upper echelon of the genre, not surprising for a tune that can be described as “synth-pop Madonna.”

Ghibli “I’m Looking For You” vinyl 12″


The next gem is from Ghibli. Authenticated by Lab resident dance heads as “one of the toughest Italo grooves put to wax,” “I’m Looking For You” is an uptempo number characterized by driving arpeggio bass, DX7 bells, and the Dark Entries artist’s dramatic vocals. Instrumental version included on the flip.

Charlie “Spacer Woman” Vinyl 12″


Here is another must-have reissue courtesy of Dark Entries. “Spacer Woman” is arguably one of the biggest in the genre, and Maurice Cavalerri’s magical concoction of huge electro drums, fat bass, arpeggiated synths, and spaced-out vocals “transcends the usual Italo cheese.” Remastered, and this repress features a newly designed pic sleeve.

Mr. Master “Dog In The Night” Vinyl 12″


Lastly, here is a repress of Mr. Master’s “Dog in the Night” aka the “Italo grail.” The track is extremely catchy, and the vocals by Italo-Australian Cosimo Ciccone delivers a healthy dose of that thick, gooey Italo cheese that we love. Instrumental on the flip, remastered:


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