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Meza Studios Model Zero High Fidelity Rotary DJ Mixer – PRE-ORDER

Meza Studios Model Zero High Fidelity Rotary DJ Mixer – PRE-ORDER


It’s all about sound quality and music for this stunning rotary mixer from Meza Studios. 4 phono/line-selectable channels, 2 balanced + unbalanced stereo outputs, and all the features you want in a DJ mixer minus the clutter. Built in Los Angeles and custom designed by David Meza, Model Zero boasts top-notch sonics thanks to super PREMIUM components used, and if you’re in the market for a high-end rotary unit that crushes on fidelity, give this one some serious though. The product is schedued to ship in late July or early August, and you can PRE-ORDER the beauty now at Turntable Lab.



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John Carpenter Limited-Edition Pic Discs

John Carpenter Assault on Precint 13 / The Fog (Pic Disc) Vinyl 12″


Assault on Precinct 13 is a John Carpenter classic, and like many other works of the cult director, it is distinguished by the music. Carpenter started scoring his own films out of necessity, but the director’s compositions are now recognized as a major element of his aesthetic. This limited pressing pic disc features the theme from the 1976 police thriller on a pic disc, and the music has been rerecorded by Carpenter and his Lost Themes bandmates. On the flip is the equally recognizable theme from the 1980 horror film The Fog.

John Carpenter Halloween / Escape From New York (Pic Disc) Vinyl 12″


Also available as a limited-edition pic disc is an instantly-recognizable number from the first installment of the Halloween franchise. John Carpenter is known to have scored what was then an indie flick in just three days, and the piano and synth-driven main theme remains one of the movie’s highlights. On the b-side is the theme to the 1981 cult action film Escape from New York.

John Carpenter Pic Disc Vinyl 2×12″ Pack


We also have the pic disc pack available, with the above two records packaged in a convenient, money-saving bundle. And here’s a video of Carpenter rerecording the music for the above two releases:

John Carpenter scores available at Turntable Lab now.

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Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording Vinyl 4LP Boxset

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recordings Vinyl 4LP


Lin-Manuel Miranda is leaving Hamilton in July! The impossible task of scoring tickets to the Broadway show, which just won 11 Tonys, just got a lot more impossible, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to catch the production yet, you just might have to settle with this 4LP Boxset. Of course, if you’ve already seen Hamilton, this hip-hop driven score is a must. Here’s a clip of Miranda and gang performing “Alexander Hamilton,” the opening number, at the White House (jump to 9:05 for the tune):

hamilton-box (1)


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Modern Funk Round Up…

Dwight Sykes Songs Volume One Vinyl LP


Here’s a quick round up of recent modern funk arrivals. The first record is a PPU release, and the DC label digs up a killer lo-fi soul piece from the ’80s-’90s. The Artist, Dwight Sykes, might not be a well known name outside of elite collector circles, but the funk, dug up from Sykes’ personal tape archive,” is serious. Check out “Where Ever You Are,” “After Midnight,” and “Bye.”

Minority Band “Tasty Tune” Vinyl 12″


PPU strikes again for the next release, and this delicious number is from the New Jersey disco funk band Minority Band. Originally released in 2009, this white label reissue contains two tracks, “Tasty Tune” and “Live.” Laid back grooves, punchy horns, funky bass, and contagious guitar licks conjure up top-notch disco-boogie vibes.

Moon B “Anything” Vinyl 12″


Moving on, this 12″ is a new release courtesy of LA’s Moon B. “Anything” is a lesson in that “slanky” sound, a chill, breezy mix of boogie funk, house, and left-field electronics. Check out the super groovy title track and “Mending,” or the more funkified “Atmosfear.”

Psychic Mirrors Nature of Evil Vinyl LP


The next record is a debut effort from Miami boogie funk outfit Psychic Mirrors. Nature of Evil mixes up yacht rock, wavy synth jazz, and caribbean vibes with the band’s core sound, and the 12 tracker is a long awaited full-length that’s been in the works since the 6-piece group formed in 2012. This is a very limited edition pressing, and it comes with a printed insert and digital download code.

Benedek “Voices” Vinyl 12″


Last but not least, the homie Benedek from LA drops 5 heaters that mix up funk, boogie, new age, jazz, and fusion. You might have already heard some of the tracks on the cassette-only Coolin, and now you have the chance to own them on vinyl. Very limited pressing, so don’t sleep!

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The Smiths – “Louder Than Bombs” and “Rand” in 180g Vinyl 2LP

The Smiths Louder Than Bombs 180g Vinyl 2LP


Two remastered reissues of the Smiths are currently available at Turntable Lab. Louder Than Bombs originally dropped in 1988, and it’s a compilation that consists mostly of singles from the Manchester group. “Shakespeare’s Sister,” “Shoplifters of the World Unite,” “Shiela Take a Bow,” and more are on here, and the album also includes a lot of b-sides than fans would appreciate. There are also recordings from The BBC Radio 1 John Peel Show (“Is It Really so Strange?” and “Sweet And Tender Hooligan”) and tracks like “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby” and Is It Really So Strange” are a big deal as they do not appear on any other Smiths outputs.


The Smiths Rank 180g Vinyl 2LP


Also released in 1988, Rank was recorded in 1986 at the National Ballroom in Kilburn, London about a half year before the Smiths called it quits. Pretty epic live versions of “The Queen is Dead,” “The Boy With The Thorn in His Side,” “Bigmouth Strikes Again,” and more are spread over two 180g pressing vinyl. The the release also comes housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves and a poster.


The Smiths Albums currently available at Turntable Lab.

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Rival Sons Album “Hollow Bones” Indie Exclusive Vinyl LP

Rival Sons Hollow Bones Indie Exclusive Vinyl LP


A powerful, unapologetic 5th album from Long Beach’s Rival Sons! The quartet’s electrifying mix of hard rock, blues, and soul guides Hollow Bones, and from the opener “Hollow Bones Pt.1,” which captures the vibe of the genre’s golden ages, to trakcs like “Thundering Voices,” and “Pretty Face,” the album has no dull moments. The stunning acoustic number “All That I Want” is one of the highlights, and the band’s cover of Humble Pie’s “Black Coffee” is also breathtaking.


Hollow Bones is available at Turntable Lab now, and this is the Indie Exclusive edition housed in gatefold sleeve. Further, the record is accompanied by a printed insert SIGNED by the memembers of the band, see below:


And here’s a video clip of the band performing “Tied Up”:

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Arturia MicroBrute and MiniBrute Analog Synthesizers — Limited-Edition Red Pre-Order

Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer – Limited Edition Red PRE-ORDER


Arturia‘s MicroBrute is a compact, 25-key synthesizer with a 100% pure analog signal path. The single oscillator, multi-waveform mono unit features a built-in step sequencer as well as MIDI, USB, and CV/GATE connectivity, which makes this portable equipment a powerful creation tool for producers on the go. Arturia is slated to release a limited-edition, translucent red colorway of the popular synth (expected to ship late June / early July), and you can pre-order it now at Turntable Lab.

Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer – Limited Editio Red PRE-ORDER


The MiniBrute is a slightly beefed up version of the MicroBrute, and in addition to features described above, it houses a built-in, full-function arpeggiator. It’s still portable enough, but the synth also will be a solid addition to any studio setup, however large or small. You can pre-order the limited-edition red colorway now at Turntable Lab, we expect to start shipping in late June.

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Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, R.Kelly: The Essential

Wu-Tang Clan The Essential Wu-Tang Clan Vinyl 2LP

wutangclan-essential2lp (1)

Favorite Wu-Tang Clan / Nas / R.Kelly record? It’s a terrible question, because any fan will certainly have way more than one. Peep The Essential… series, which collects only the surest of the joints from the aforementioned artists’ catalogs. First up is from Shaolin killah bees, and true Wu-bangas (not the rolled up & dusted w/ blow kind) from Enter The 36 Chambers,” “Wu-Tang Forever,” “The W,” ad “Iron Flag” are spread over 2 pieces of vinyl. “C.R.E.A.M.” is on their, so are “Can It Be All So Simple,” “Protect Ya Neck,” “Triumph,” Da Mystery of Chessboxin”… you get the drift, god.

Nas The Essential Nas Nas Vinyl 2LP

nas-essential2lp (1)

The next record comes courtesy of the Queensbridge god MC. Nas, as Nasty Nas, spit a verse on Main Source’s “Live At the Barbeque” in 1991, and the rest is history. Top 5 dead or alive for sure (that list may shorten even more for a lot of folks out there), this compilation includes some of the most memorable cuts from the legendary rapper’s discography. Here’s a ’93 freestyle that Nas kicked (alongside Jungle & Wiz) on Stretch & Bobbito:

R.Kelly The Essential R.Kelly Vinyl LP

rkelly-essential (2)

Last but certainly not least, we got the definitive Kells comp. No, not every chapter of Trapped in the Closet is on here, but “Bump N’ Grind,” “Your Body’s Callin’,” “Ignition (Remix),” are on here, and all of other sex tunes that we love “the Pied Piper of R&B” for. This is a no-brainer for DJs or fans, and here’s a clip of the Chicago legend’s appearance on Arsenio back in the day:

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